Whether it’s your son’s heroics on the little league field or daughter’s exploits in the school science fair, every parent believes their child is special. But as impressive as those feats are, none of them are exactly a life-changing miracle.

One child in Australia, however, was extraordinary in a way even the top medical minds couldn’t decipher. Because after receiving an end-of-days diagnoses, the kid eventually known as the “Super Baby” just kept inexplicably defying the grim expectations.

Amy and Leigh McNamara were living a happy, domestic life in Bendigo, Australia. Amy was expecting a child, but the situation didn’t turn out as happily as the couple had planned.

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They already had three children together, so Amy and Leigh knew the drill. Everything in their home was prepared well in advance of the due date. Nothing, it seemed, could go wrong.

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They were also on the ball medically, making sure Amy and her new child underwent all the necessary checks and tests. That didn’t stop something strange from happening during the eighth month of her pregnancy.

One day, doctors noticed something strange during a check-up: the unborn boy’s heart rate was plummeting inside of his mother’s womb. Everyone was floored. Desperate action was immediately needed to save him.

Doctors knew they needed to get to the boy directly if they wanted to treat him effectively. Time was of the essence. With that plan in mind, they prepared Amy for an emergency surgery.

Amy had an emergency C-section, bringing baby Jett into the world with some medical assistance. The new parents hoped they could wrap up all their remaining loose ends and head home quickly.

Amy was initially relieved. Her baby had been born and was in the hands of trained medical professionals. And, from her hospital bed, she could see a healthy baby boy.

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Before long, however, the doctor came to speak with Amy. They had some important news, but the words they were saying didn’t quite make sense to her. Could it be true?

“They kept saying things like he had abnormal features,” she explained. “And I just couldn’t understand what they meant, he looked like a gorgeous baby to me.” It turned out there were some complications…

Doctors had found the cause of Jett’s low heart rate: the infant had three holes in his heart. But there were also some other, more outward-facing, issues affecting him.

The child was also suffering from kidney problems. Furthermore, he was born without calf muscles; his feet were turned inward and upward, facing towards his shins. But something else was also going on…

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Jett was also born with a rare disorder called sacral agenesis. But Amy and Leigh hadn’t heard of that condition before. What else could possibly be wrong with their son?

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Sacral agenesis means that Jett was born without the lower portion of his spine. Even if he could overcome all of his other problems, he would be faced with life-long mobility issues.

The couple decided to do whatever they could to help their son. Amy became a full-time mother, and the family moved to Melbourne so they could be closer to Jett’s doctors.

Once in their new home, the family began to slog through endless visits to countless hospitals, doing all they could to keep Jett in good health. But one day, a specialist grabbed the parents; he had some news about the boy.


In a miraculous turn, the holes in Jett’s heart had healed by themselves; he wouldn’t need to undergo a risky procedure to close them surgically. Something was special here. Soon, people were whispering of a “super baby.”

Jett still had mobility issues, however. He would need a specialized wheelchair, but the $6,000 AUD proved to be too expensive for the growing family of six. No one was quite sure how to help the boy.

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Thankfully, a local pharmacy came to their aid. The staff had gotten to know Jett and his family through their frequent visits to the store and all pitched in to help buy his new chair.

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The new wheelchair helped sort out the mobility issues, but Jett still had a long road ahead of him. Then, one day, when the children were playing outside, Amy heard frantic shouts from her three older kids.

They were yelling that Jett stood up and was walking on his own! The “Super Baby” had performed another miracle and somehow overcome his mobility issues. Incredibly, he had another super power up his sleeve.

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Shortly after he began walking, Jett’s kidney issues also resolved themselves with super speed. He wouldn’t need a life of wheelchairs and dialysis treatments after all. But he would still need some extra help.

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Jett continued to have multiple surgeries on his feet and legs to fix his birth defects. Slowly but surely, his mobility increased until he was able to play with his siblings like any other toddler.

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While still facing a long road ahead of him this “Super Baby” has already pulled off more miracles in a few years than most people will in their lifetime. If anyone can make it, it’s him!

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Those treating the “Super Baby” were likely overwhelmed by the extent of his ailments. At the same time, though, they knew that medical miracles weren’t impossible. They likely already heard the story of Darla Rodgers. On Mother’s Day in 2014, she was struck with severe pains in her abdomen.

As the pain worsened, her husband Tim didn’t want to take any chances with Darla’s health, so he drove her to a nearby hospital. He wanted a doctor to examine her just in case the pain was something serious, like appendicitis.

Once at the hospital, doctors took a sample of blood from Darla and, after examining it, determined a short-notice CAT scan was warranted. This wasn’t at all what Darla and Tim were expecting. They prayed nothing serious would come of it.

After the CAT scan was complete, Darla and Tim waited anxiously in the hospital room for the results. After what seemed like hours, the doctor came back, and he had a grim look on his face…

He stared at the couple intently before pulling out the results of the CAT scan. He then spoke three words that made both Darla and Tim go numb with fear: “You have cancer.” Darla’s world instantly collapsed.

More specifically, the doctor told Darla she had stage-four colon cancer, and within six months, she would die. She checked herself into the Huntsman Cancer Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah, to begin an intense chemotherapy regimen in hopes she could beat the odds.

Like nearly all patients who underwent chemo, she began to get sick from the constant radiation flooding her body. Finally, one doctor stepped in with a totally different plan…

His name was Dr. Glynn Gilcrease, and he was an Associate Professor of Oncology. He feared the approach Darla was taking would have detrimental effects on her liver, so he put her on a lower chemotherapy dose. However, he also wanted to get a second opinion on the matter.

Dr. Gilcrease consulted with a close colleague and section chief for Interventional Radiology, Ryan O’Hara. After an in-depth discussion about the safest option for Darla, both men agreed on a potential solution…

It was called radioembolization. The intricate process would launch millions of microscopic radioactive beads directly into Darla’s bloodstream, where they’d lodge themselves into her body and slowly destroy the tumor. It was a complicated procedure that didn’t always work.

The doctors also had access to SIR-spheres, minuscule spheres infused with a special radioactive isotope used for battling cancer. The level of radioactivity in SIR-spheres was much safer than most other cancer-fighting medications. With all these tools at hand, Darla’s operation began…

Dr. O’Hara and six of his colleagues spent hours operating on Darla. For eight days after the operation, she went through intense, and often painful, specialized treatments. However, on the ninth day, miraculously, she felt better than she had in months.

She didn’t want to get her hopes up, however. Cancer, as she knew, is ruthless, and it can creep up again at any moment. A few weeks after her invasive operation, doctors ran some tests and came back to her with news…

The tumors on her lungs and liver had disappeared! Her body took to the SIR-spheres, and for the first time in what felt like forever, she didn’t need chemotherapy. She also became very close with a woman who went through a similar experience.

Her name was Suzanne Lindley, and she was a 19-year cancer survivor. She was also the founder of a Texas-based cancer support group called Yes! Beat Liver Tumors. Suzanne, having lived through cancer herself, took Darla under her wing.

Not only did Suzanne shower Darla with emotional support, but she made Darla the poster child for her support group. Darla embraced the opportunity and involved herself in as many fundraisers and opportunities to help others as possible.

A lot of amazing opportunities came along because of Darla’s involvement with Suzanne’s group. She was invited to the Academy Awards one year, and she went to the People’s Choice Awards. But neither of those compared to one incredible event she took part in…

Darla walked down the runway for a special fashion show that featured cancer survivors! It was an incredible opportunity to spread a positive message for those who were braving a battle of their own. Of course, Darla couldn’t have done any of this without one particular person…

Her husband Tim showed a level of support and understanding matched by no one else in her life. He was by her side the entire time and always made sure to keep her mood up. Finally cancer free, Darla made it her mission to live every day to the fullest!

That heartbreaking moment when a doctor delivers terrible news to a patient happens all too often. Everyone knows if a doctor gets serious, what follows is probably going to be challenging at the very least. One man from Oklahoma knew this all too well.

The Finley family from Oklahoma loved to have leisurely weekends during the summer. Husband Ryan would sit on the porch and enjoy a coffee in the morning while his wife, Jill, slept in and relaxed.

But one Sunday morning in 2007, Ryan wanted to wake Jill up a little earlier than usual so they could enjoy the beautiful summer morning together. But when he entered the room, Ryan made a discovery that stopped him dead in his tracks: his wife wasn’t breathing!

In a panic, he called 911. Soon, medics arrived and used a defibrillator on Jill for several minutes while Ryan watched in horror. Unable to get a heartbeat, the medics prepped Jill for transport.

Even while moving Jill out of the house on a stretcher, a medic was applying chest compressions the entire time. They knew without constant care, it was unlikely they’d be able to bring Jill back.

Jill was taken to the Oklahoma Heart Hospital, where doctors rushed her into the emergency room and put her on a respirator. She was getting the oxygen that she needed, but she was far from out of harm’s way.

You see, the doctors determined Jill had a heart attack while sleeping and her brain was deprived of oxygen for almost five whole minutes. She was wrapped in a cooling pad to prevent further brain damage, but still didn’t wake. Worse yet, she was showing little brain activity.

Soon, Jill officially fell into a coma. Ryan spent as much time as he could by his wife’s side. He read Bible verses daily and even wrote down his thoughts to her in the form of letters, which he kept in a notebook. Even though hope was grim, he refused to give it up.

Was there any hope? Doctors offered little relief when they spoke to Ryan. They told him there was only about a one percent chance Jill would make any kind of recovery. Worse yet, it had already been two weeks and Jill wasn’t showing any signs of progress.

After 14 days with an unresponsive Jill, Ryan knew that he had to start making some tough calls. He contacted his wife’s parents to help decide what steps should be taken next. Ryan feared the only thing to do was take Jill off life support.

Ryan and Jill didn’t have an official plan in place if one of them was on life support, but an incident with Ryan’s aunt a few years earlier gave him an indication what her wishes might have been.

See, when Ryan’s aunt was placed on life support, Jill told her husband she would never want to be kept alive in a vegetative state. So, after consulting with Jill’s parents, Ryan chose to take his wife off life support and end her suffering.

The doctors explained that Jill would still remain alive for a short while after, and during that time frame, family and friends could say their goodbyes. Ryan, absolutely distraught, waited by his wife’s side for the end to come.

Ryan took a short video on his cell phone (actual footage below) of her so he would always remember their final moments, and then he went into the lobby to wait. However, not long after, nurses urged him to return to the room…

Miraculously, Jill’s body started shifting in her hospital bed! After a few minutes, she even began to mumble some words. The doctors, nurses, and Ryan were stunned. Then, Jill opened her eyes for the first time in weeks.

She opened her mouth and said, “Get me out of here.” Within minutes she began speaking coherently and answering all of her husband’s questions. A miracle had occurred; Jill awoke hours after being removed from life support. No one could explain what happened.

It took a few days for Jill to feel significantly better, but once she did, doctors explained to her and Ryan what put her in the coma. Unbeknownst to Jill, she had a congenital condition that caused her heart to stop pumping.

Shockingly, within just a few days, Jill was back at home. However, it took months for her to relearn many basic tasks such as teeth brushing and shoe tying. She also had a pacemaker put in and worked with occupational and speech therapists.

Jill didn’t blame Ryan at all for the decision he made to remove her breathing tube. There was no way of knowing if she would have made a full recovery, and although extremely difficult, it was the right decision.

After Jill made a full recovery, the couple became even closer. They developed a renewed love and appreciation for life and family. She thanked her lucky stars for a husband like Ryan.