The daily grind of life can sometimes feel so repetitious that we forget what an amazing and unknowable world we live in. So every now and then, we need a reminder of how special this world and our lives in it can truly be.

That’s exactly what each of these 25 mind-bending photos provides. Prepare to have your perspective permanently altered!

1. Have you ever seen a 17 x 17 rubiks cube? This one took seven-and-a-half hours to complete, setting a world record!


2. This model city was made from 103,987 toothpicks. It took 36 years to build.


3. This crazy optical illusion is on the floor of the Santa Maria del Fiore cathedral in Florence, Italy.


4. This is what two American dollars look like in Belarusian currency.


5. This is an overhead view of the Lena River delta in Siberia.


6. This isn’t an alien egg. It’s an exotic fruit called hala that grows in Australia and the Pacific Islands.


7. The presidential car looks pretty normal from the outside, but you can see from the thickness of the door that it’s really a tank.


8. This catfish feeding looks more like an invasion is being launched from the water.


9. This illegally obtained photo shows the view from atop the Cheops pyramid in Egypt. That’s the city of Giza in the background.


10. This photo, taken during the Victorian era, is believed to be one of the first photos of cats ever taken.


11. This is officially the worst lemon in the world.


12. It might be worth going all the way to Amsterdam just to visit this amazing Adidas store.


13. This incredible camel art is all done by hand with just a pair of scissors.


14. This cat has a rare condition that makes him look like a werewolf.


15. Best fish department display ever in a grocery store? I think so.


16. No one knows how the mysterious Moai of Easter Island were constructed… or why.


17. This is what it’s like to fly first class on Emirates Airlines.

18. This is what a caterpillar looks like under a microscope. Not so cute now, are they?


19. Look at this haunting sunken ship off the coast of Antarctica. I wonder what treasures it could be hiding.


20. Wouldn’t it be amazing to take a ride on this bike path in the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil?


21. Ambulances sure have come a long way, haven’t they?


22. This is what a jawbreaker candy looks like when it’s cut in half.


23. This light show isn’t artificial. It’s actually just glowing phytoplankton washing up on the shores of the Maldives.


24. The line between day and night as seen from space.


25. Never forget that all this and more is waiting just outside the door to your office!


I don’t know about you, but these strange pictures made us feel downright inspired. There’s just so much cool stuff in the world to see and experience!

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