Camouflage is one of the the most useful adaptations an animal can develop. The ability to disguise oneself or to blend in with one’s surroundings is not only cool, but it can also often make the difference between life and death.

One animal with amazing camouflage is the tawny frogmouth, a bird from Australia. Get your eagle eyes ready and see for yourself!

Take a good look at this tree branch. How many birds can you spot?

tawny-1Parks Australia / Wayne Longmore

There are actually two tawny frogmouths in the tree!

tawny-1Parks Australia / Wayne Longmore

Unless their eyes are open, these birds are nearly impossible to spot… 

tawny-3Wikimedia Commons / C. Coverdale

In fact, they’re so hard to identify that most people who do see them think they’re owls. (It doesn’t help that tawny frogmouths are also nocturnal hunters!)

tawny-2Parks Australia / Wayne Longmore

What a cool animal! It must be pretty useful to be able to completely blend into your surroundings whenever you need to!

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