Taxidermy is a time honored practice, one that, when done right, can bring the deceased back to life in with striking clarity. But not every finished product is destined for a place in the Museum of Natural History…

In fact, a lot of taxidermy is downright bad. These 21 stuffed creatures are a little funny, a little off-putting, and totally confusing.

1. “Do I hath thomethink in mah teeth?”

01-bad-taxidermyUporotiylis / Instagram

2. This looks like a cat, but it could also be a really big chipmunk.

02-bad-taxidermyslapayoda / Instagram

3. This looks like that face your grandmother gives you when you swear in front of her.

03-bad-taxidermybenclement_ / Instragram

4. When you’re waiting for your joke to land…

04-bad-taxidermypichu_constantly / Instagram

5. “What’s that, Mr. Branch?”

05-bad-taxidermysilverstrange / Instagram

6. “Hai.”

06-bad-taxidermybryanfriesen / Instagram

7. “My wooooooord!”

07-bad-taxidermyrobertfant / Instagram

8. Sure, why not?

08-bad-taxidermypastelpom / Instagram

9. This “cat” will stare straight into your soul.

09-bad-taxidermybenbeanland / Instagram

10. Have you met Tammy? She is quite unique.

10-bad-taxidermycatthewilson / Instagram

11. This is just sad.

11-bad-taxidermy_minomonyo / Instagram

12. Sure, this is what a bear looks like.

12-bad-taxidermydr.noodles / Instagram

13. Someone just came from the doctor.

13-bad-taxidermyfigliodicaterina / Instagram

14. Trying to look good in pictures like…

14-bad-taxidermyjaffa_keiki / Instagram

15. Someone has been working out!

15-bad-taxidermyearthlycompanion / Instagram

16. “That’s nice, dear!”

16-bad-taxidermyandrewjsteele / Instagram

17. What’s this even supposed to be?

17-bad-taxidermyphilthepower400 / Instagram

18. She’s beauty. She’s grace.

18-bad-taxidermylololoandlalala / Instagram

19. “I’ve had a bad week, okay, Tammy?!”

19-bad-taxidermyjordancplath / Instagram

20. Nailed it.

20-bad-taxidermyormstunga / Instagram

21. When you try to pass taxidermy school, but you didn’t study for the test.

21-bad-taxidermyadelemorse / Instagram

Taxidermy is still just as strange as we thought, but these give us a new appreciation for when it’s done well. Clearly, it isn’t so easy!

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