Photos Of Taylor Swift Reveal Her Impressive Growth Over The Years

Taylor Swift dropped her latest album, Midnights, at — appropriately enough — midnight on October 21, 2022. And swiftly after the release, fans were complaining to Spotify that demand for the album had caused its servers to go down. But for Swifties who have been following the singer-songwriter from the start, this is just business as usual. Of course, a new Taylor release is going to be a big deal! Because if you track the course of Taylor’s rise from the beginning of her life until now, you can see that no one could shake off her massive talent.

The early days

In 2019 Taylor released the holiday hit “Christmas Tree Farm,” drawing on her memories of her actual childhood spent on a Christmas tree farm. It was called Pine Ridge Farm, as you can see from this image, and you can find it in Pennsylvania.

Taylor even cut a music video for the track that features home movies of her entire family on the farm.

Growing up

“I had the most magical childhood, running free and going anywhere I wanted to in my head,” Taylor told Rolling Stone in 2009. But she also admitted that her parents, Andrea and Scott, primed her for success in the business world with her name.

“My mom thought it was cool that if you got a business card that said ‘Taylor’ you wouldn’t know if it was a guy or a girl,” she said.

Riding to success

Perhaps unsurprisingly for someone who grew up on a farm — albeit a Christmas tree farm — Taylor grew up riding horses. She even competed in a few events. “That was kind of my mom’s thing,” Taylor told Vogue in 2016.

“She really wanted me to be a horseback rider, and I did it competitively until I worked up the nerve at age twelve to tell her I didn’t really love it like she loved it.”

Finding her passion

Taylor’s true passion was, of course, singing and writing songs. This started in childhood, too, with the young Taylor becoming obsessed with a LeAnn Rimes country record. “All I wanted to hear from then on was country,” she told Rolling Stone.

And it was her love of creating country music that earned her a big break back in 2006.