20 Genius Ways People Can Reuse Old Tea Bags Instead Of Just Throwing Them Away

Nothing soothes the mind, body, and soul quite like a warm cup of tea. But it's not just the drink itself that can work miracles — tea bags actually have a number of additional uses that can help make your daily life a lot easier. So don't be afraid to pour yourself a second cup: you never know when that extra tea bag will come in handy!

1. Sunburn: You may have no choice about looking like a lobster when it comes to getting sunburn, but you can make the recovery process a little more bearable without breaking the bank. Simply rub the affected areas with black tea and the tannic acid from the leaves will help to soothe the burns.

2. Tired Eyes: Forget Botox injections and steroid creams: all you need is a little tea. Just chill a few used tea bags and place them under your eyes to allow the anti-inflammatory properties of the leaves to reduce the puffiness.

3. Dirty Dishes: Soaking dishes to remove grease and grime is a real pain, but just toss a few tea bags in your dirty sink and watch the mess slide right off. The tannins in the tea will loosen the dried-on food, so when it comes time to clean, you won't have to scrub the dishes to death.
4. Oral Care: Following a dental procedure, most surgeons will stuff a few cotton balls in your mouth and send you on your way. Well, instead of plugging up those gums with gauze, try using a few tea bags: they're just as absorbent, and they have added healing properties to boot.