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This Teacher Went Above And Beyond For His Class At Easter, And Their Reactions Were Priceless

A fifth-grade teacher taught his students a lot more than math after making an Easter gesture that would last them a lifetime. Brent Walker, of Tampa, Florida, was a bit nervous that his plan would work, though he knew he had to try. He simply wanted to treat his pupils at Sheehy Elementary School. Instead, he made headlines all over the world.

A teacher's Easter surprise

As spring break approached, Walker was aware that many of the children in his class would not receive an Easter gift at home this year. He decided to organize a math-solving egg hunt in a bid to mark the holiday. He had been teaching his class about acts of kindness and wanted to endorse the message in the game.

He knew he had to think bigger

So, on Wednesday, March 28, 2018, just days before Easter weekend, the Hillsborough teacher headed to a South Tampa Walmart in search of plastic eggs and candy for his lesson the next day. But what he found there inspired him to expand the idea so much further and touch the hearts of many.

If only...

The Walmart on Gandy Boulevard had Easter baskets on sale for $10 each. Each one contained a gift of either a football, backpack, or some other cool gift. On seeing the display Walker thought how wonderful it would be if every one of his students found a basket on their classroom desk the next morning.

He knew what his students deserved

But his tight budget was not enough to cover the price of 20 baskets. However, the committed educator did not give up. He believed his students deserved a surprise and wanted to be the person to provide it. He quickly came up with a clever plan to make it happen.