When technology is involved, accidents happen. People spill a cup of coffee on their keyboards, download viruses, and crack their company phones on a regular basis. But there are some technological struggles that seem to make zero sense. In-office technological support teams have seen some things — the sorts of things you may not feel are humanly possible. We feel sorry for the IT staff that had to deal with the aftermath of these inexplicable technology fails.

The team in charge of setting up the sound system seemed to be unfamiliar with this style of speaker. Installing them upside down brings a unique aesthetic appeal, but hinders their ability to pump out music for the crowd.

UsablePiza, Reddit

The story here is that someone installed a space heater just a bit too close to their power strip. They were confused about why their heater wasn’t working. We’re not sure how the burnt plastic smell didn’t tip them off.

Majahzi, Reddit

Someone likes to live on the edge. We have no idea how or why this phone’s owner decided to try this. It’s a mystery how the screen hasn’t cracked! A strong burst of wind could break it.

Lordalphax1, Reddit

They’re definitely getting a great visual of what the wall is doing. Unless they’re looking for some kind of bug criminal, they should probably manage their angles. Until then, reviewing the video footage will be an easy job.

RandomITpro, Reddit

This employee got a bit too excited when she was opening her new mouse and had to request another one. If you’ve struggled with packaging like this, you’ll understand the pain here.

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The company IT worker was called in to service this printer. Taking a closer look, he quickly realized what the issue was. You have to be smarter than the packaging and on this day, the packaging won.

When the owner of this computer accidentally smashed their screen, they created a cool background. Who knows if the screen is salvageable, but now they have a one-of-a-kind wallpaper.

Look at the collection of grimy prints dotting this monitor. Pretty gross. Apparently, numerous people were sure it was a touchscreen and rubbed their dirty fingers all over it trying to get it to work.

When this person sought IT support, they were concerned about their USB. For some reason their computer wasn’t reading it. One thing they hadn’t considered was making sure it was successfully inserted into the right slot.

Whoever sent this broken computer in for repair wanted to be extra cautious with labeling … or maybe they did something so terrible to their computer that it’s actually biohazardous. Check the search history.

One customer thought it would be a great idea to burn a candle on top of her computer. The candle wasn’t in a glass container, and all the wax dripped inside. It probably smelled good, but big oof on this one.

kjb0419, Reddit

Insert the Psycho soundtrack here. The scoop here is that this was taken at a major corporation. If we were the tech people responsible for reorganizing this massive tangle of wires, we’d quit on the spot.

There’s a reason that server towers are secured. If you’re not familiar with the technology, there’s plenty of moving parts inside of the machine, and these can fall out in a jumbled mess.

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When plastic melts, it gives off a very strong smell. This person said they “smelled something burning” a few times. Maybe they should have explored that further because you’ve got to have some degree of environmental awareness to recognize your computer case is burning from the inside out.

The person who owned this cell phone was upset because they cracked the glass. They decided to remove the rest of the glass to fix this problem. We’re not following the logic that was used to address this problem.

If a cord doesn’t fit, the solution never involves bending metal inside of it. So, the next time you can’t get a charger to fit, take a deep breath, and try again. There’s no need to waste more money on cords.

It looks like someone tried to murder a printer. The client behind this incident claims they have no idea how this happened. We’d like to pour one out for what is probably $100s in wasted printer ink.

This client didn’t want their USB receiver for their mouse to stick out on the side of their laptop, so they used a hammer to smash it in. Even if you aren’t a computer whiz, why would someone think hammers mix with technology?

The person who brought in the computer complained that it wasn’t working, but they had no idea why. When the tech support desk opened it up, they found the culprit: caked-on dust. We’re not sure if there was a smell, but there probably was. 

There’s nothing like clearing out an entire room of old technology! The gear is heavy, there’s plenty of dust, and dropping computers means cleaning up broken glass. We’re sure it’s a wonderful way to spend a few days.

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“So today my Nana showed me some of her favorite websites.” Hopefully this person showed their grandmother that there’s a much better way — All you have to do is right-click, copy, and paste!

33-old-people-and-techbraverthanbrave / Reddit

Sometimes, technological misunderstandings can actually be quite sweet, as was the case with this grandmother. She must have thought that there was some real person at Google answering her questions!


“The outside clock is always showing the wrong time.” As if it weren’t bad enough that this grandmother was still using a flip phone, she also never thought to take off the sticker at the front! Yet you know what they say: even a broken clock is right twice a day!

3-old-people-and-techImRachelGreep / Reddit

“My grandmother complained her remote was confusing, so I grandma-ified it for her.” You know what, though? If your grandparents don’t actually use any of the additional buttons for on-demand and such, why confuse them?

4-old-people-and-techJoKer730 / Reddit

“My 90-year-old grandma from Japan, showing us how she zooms in with an iPhone.” This is actually really adorable. This granny still knows how to use gadgets—just not the ones that are necessary!


“Told my Dad I needed a new mouse (for gaming). He pulled this.” One could appreciate the fact that this father was just trying to be helpful, but this isn’t too dissimilar to asking for a light bulb and getting a candle.


“Friend’s grandma just asked whose phone this is.” Hey, it’s an electronic device with a whole bunch of a confusing and possibly unnecessary functions that you’ll probably never use. It must be a phone, right? You might have trouble making calls, but at least you can calculate the waiter’s tip at the restaurant.

19-old-people-and-techturkeysandwiches / Reddit

Many older people have a difficult time texting. This can be because they struggle with the precision of a touch screen, or a host of other reasons. How are we supposed to translate a text as incomprehensible as this one, though?

24-old-people-and-techLeeroyM / Reddit

“Mom asked why the computer was so slow. She has eleven toolbars.” How does one’s browser even get to such a ridiculous point? This almost seems like it would take more effort than it would to just have an ordinary, single toolbar.


This poor woman couldn’t find the space bar, so the fact that she still managed to send a text to her son is actually quite remarkable! Hopefully she was able to get an answer.

12-old-people-and-techRooflan / Reddit

“Thanksgiving means fixing everyone’s computer or phone problems. My mom is the only person I know who can get ads on her lock screen.” Seriously, how does this even happen? Most people probably didn’t think this was possible.


Using white-out on your computer, Grandma? That’s going to ruin your screen in no time! Somebody really ought to teach this poor woman how to use the “backspace” and “delete” keys properly.


“My Grandma got a new computer and wanted me to ‘install’ the internet.” Oh boy, most of us probably haven’t even thought about those old AOL discs since the ’90s! How did this grandmother still have one of them?


“My girlfriend’s grandma thought the iPad was a cutting board.” As funny as it is, this could have done some serious (and potentially dangerous) damage to a very expensive device. Hopefully this grandmother learned her lesson!


We can all laugh at this mother’s struggle to fully understand how hashtags work (using the pound sign might help, Mom), but you have to appreciate how weird the practice is as a concept when you really piece it together. If you don’t use social media, how do you explain it?


“I swear every mom texts like this.” Yes! Why do they all do it this way when it’s so much faster and easier to just use your thumbs? But hey, when it comes so naturally to them, there’s not much you can do to stop it!


 It’s one thing when an older person doesn’t know how to operate the camera on a smart phone, but is this digital camera really that much different than the old-fashioned ones that this woman must have used in the past?


“I opened the internet browser on my mom’s new iPad, and realized she has no clue how to internet.” Most of us younger people probably haven’t even heard of search.com, but surely most people know how to simply type “google.com” into the browser itself, right?


Well, that’s one way to try to get it to work! You’ve gotta hand it to Grandma, she sure is innovative when it comes to problem solving with the technology around the house!