Everyone and their cousin has a shower curtain rod. After all, how else would you keep your bathroom puddle-free? But if keeping your shower curtains up is all you’re using them for, then you are clearly missing out.

These nifty tools are actually called “tension rods” by those in the know, and they’re far more useful than you think.

1. Use these rods to hang up your cleaning supplies.

01-tension-rod-usesMartha Stewart

2. Create a nifty table skirt.

02-tension-rod-usesThe Borrowed Abode

3. Add extra storage in the bathroom.

03-tension-rod-usesFrugal Freebies

4. This kitchen awning is pretty stylish.

04-tension-rod-usesMusings From A French Cottage

5. What about using them to hang some greenery?

05-tension-rod-usesJill M

6. Use rods to make a great fort for the kids.

06-tension-rod-usesApartment Therapy

7. Better yet, use them to organize your crafting supplies.

07-tension-rod-usesSew Many Ways

8. How about using rods to hold your paper towels?

08-tension-rod-usesDIY Inspired

9. This shoe rack looks nifty.

09-tension-rod-usesA Loyal Love

10. They’re perfect for hanging your scarves, too.

10-tension-rod-usesApartment Therapy

11. How about hanging those pots and pans?

11-tension-rod-usesDIY HSHP

12. They also work great as a child or pet gate!

12-tension-rod-usesOne Good Thing By Jillee

We’ve been wasting all these years only using tension rods for shower curtains. What else have we been missing out on?

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