Throughout history, human beings have made amazing technological progress due in large part to the gifted minds of great inventors. The Wright brothers sent the world flying into the skies, and Farnsworth gave us the very first television set.

It is thanks to the rich imaginations of scientists and engineers that we have things like smartphones, drones, and even fidget spinners. However, sometimes even the greatest inventors manage to miss the mark.

Below you will find a list of 14 inventions so pointless, silly, or just plain ridiculous that they will leave you wondering what the heck these inventors were thinking! Hang on, because it’s about to get pretty funny in here…

1. A device that promises you will never have to touch your pet again. Yes, because that’s the only thing that’s holding people back from becoming proud pet owners: a hatred for petting their very fluffy and completely lovable animals. 


2. Having a fan near by to cool down very hot food when you’re very hungry doesn’t sound insane in theory. However, in practice these chopsticks that come equipped with their very own fan definitely seem like more trouble than they are worth.inventions2

3. How many times have you left the house embarrassed by what a mess your feet look like? With these monstrosities you don’t need to waste time going to get a pedicure, because the shoes have got you covered. Nothing remotely weird or off-putting about these at all. inventions3

4. Learning how to use chopsticks for the first time can be a real  hassle, but once you’ve got it figured out, it’s no big deal. There are lots of “hacks” to make eating with chopsticks easier. Suffice to say that just straight up using a fork and knife is not one of said hacks.inventions4

5. This is perhaps the only item post on this list that could be conceivably useful. That said, while they might help you cleanly portion out a fresh pie, nothing says “I’m an anal-retentive stick in the mud who orders things from the TV” quite like pizza scissors. inventions5

6. Ah yes, a belt that is also a measuring tape. Because measuring yourself every once in a while isn’t bad enough, this belt promises to make you agonize over every bite you take as well as letting strangers know what size pants you wear.inventions6

7. These days our phones can do almost anything. Wanna listen to your favorite song? It can do that. Schedule a meeting? It can do that too. Still, there is something kind of off-putting about a phone that’s also a razor. Maybe it’s the whole “accidentally cutting your face open” part. inventions7

8. Believe it or not, there are people who hate taking bras off so much that they are willing to gift the women in their lives these “Clap Bras” just to avoid an awkward fumble. Doesn’t clapping at her chest seem even more awkward? inventions8

9. This hoodie is designed to give you privacy on your laptop when you’re working in very public areas. You will most likely really enjoy that privacy until the coffee shop calls the police and you arrested for being very, very weird. inventions9

10. Which is more alarming, that someone thought the invention of a necklace to fill with pizza was a good idea or the idea that there is someone out there who has extra pizza to even put inside a necklace pouch for later?inventions10

11. Handerpants… also known as fingerless gloves. These actually might make a pretty funny gift to the smokers in your life when winter time comes a knocking. That is, if they are cool with wearing briefs on their palms. To each their own, right?inventions11

12. Who are these people who are spending so much boring time in the bathroom that they need to invest in sports equipment to keep in there to make sure that they are entertained? Most folks will settle for a five-year-old copy of the New Yorkerinventions12

13. It is one thing to be cautious and wash your hands frequently; it is entirely another thing to have a special hook that you bring around with you just to be sure you don’t accidentally touch the ghost of someone else’s fecal matter when opening the bathroom door.inventions13

14. Kill it with fire. May it die a thousand deaths. Clearly these nightmare thong flip-flops were invented by the dark lord himself so that when the teenager who buys these is older they can look back and groan at the wretched sartorial choices they once made. inventions14

Have you ever seen anything as ridiculous as these 14 bizarre inventions? It really does make you wonder what the people who came up with these ideas were thinking.

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