Trail cameras allow people to see the wilderness in ways that they might not be able to through traditional means. Deer might get skittish if you get too close to them, for example, but trail cameras capture them in all their natural glory!

However, spying on skittish animals is far from the only thing that you might be able to do with a trail camera. More often than not, you just might catch something odd—and horrifying—that you simply can’t explain.

These 21 terrifying trail camera photos certainly fit that bill. From brutal animal behavior to demonic figures in the night, there’s no shortage of amazing imagery….

1. Nobody wants to imagine anything bad happening to their furry friends, but it’s particularly nightmarish to imagine your own cat getting carried away in the night by an owl with eyes that can only be described as demonic.

2. It may take a few moments to notice, but that definitely looks like a buck staring down a small—yet incredibly creepy—child on a dark night at the edge of the woods. Who on Earth is that, and what is she doing there?

3. Many people have speculated that the terrifying, humanoid creature is merely a Halloween prop, or that this image is part of a series of promotions for a horror flick. However, while likely, those theories have yet to be officially debunked…

4. Imagine being this poor doe. You’re wandering around the forest at nighttime when you stumble across a nice pile of apples. You think, “Man, it must be my lucky day!” You bend down to take a big bite, when suddenly a high-pitched shriek cuts through the darkness. You flee… while a harmless flying squirrel reaps all the spoils.

5. If this was just a picture of a buck calling out into the night, that might have been unsettling enough. Yet, when there’s also a ghostly, screaming figure hiding behind the bushes, it just makes it that much more terrifying!

6. What on Earth happened to this poor buck that his face is so heavily bloodied? He likely got into a battle with another buck, which is natural—though it doesn’t make it any less horrifying of a sight.

7. That seems like an ordinary deer on the left, but what is that nightmarish creature chasing after her? It certainly looks like some kind of winged demon. Perhaps it’s a small dragon? It could even be the infamous Jersey Devil…

8. This particular photo has made the rounds on the internet before, and it’s widely regarded as a prop for a horror flick. Yet, one of the things that people fail to notice when they’re focusing on the demonic creature himself is that he appears to have just killed a hiker.

9. This terrifying figure, shrouded by a long white cloak of sorts, definitely does not look like somebody that you’d ever want to run into in a dark alley… or, for that matter, in the middle of the woods late at night.

10. What on Earth can that thing be? It looks like it has the head of a human, or at least some sort of primate, but it’s standing on four legs, each one of which is almost impossibly skinny.

11. Could this large figure running through the woods be Bigfoot? If it’s not the Sasquatch, what else can it be? Those don’t look like the kind of woods where you’d be able to find an ape, nor does it seem plausible that a bear would look like that.

12. It’s hard to believe that your eyes aren’t deceiving you when you see such a frightening-looking child in the middle of the woods at night standing next to a single, small, and ominous tree. Please go back to bed, kid!

13. If one had to guess what was happening here, this would seem to be some sort of gathering of demonic figures. Doesn’t this remind you of the three witches in Macbeth? Perhaps they’re performing some kind of satanic ritual.

14. There’s no question that this looks like a human, but he doesn’t seem like the kind who you’d want to run into on a dark night. He looks like he may have just ripped a wild animal to shreds with his bare hands!

15. Make no mistake: this is definitely a frightening image, but there’s also something about the posture of this ghostly figure that seems rather sad. Cheer up, big guy! It’s not so bad out there spooking people in the wilderness…

16. What’s worse than finding a ghostly figure, shrouded in white, in the middle of the night? Obviously, it’s running into a colorful clown in the middle of the woods. Clowns don’t belong in the woods during any time of day!

17. What the heck could that thing be? A yeti? Granted, it doesn’t look like this photo was taken in one of the mountainous, snowy regions where one would expect to find a yeti, but still… that’s a yeti.

18. This should definitely be a familiar sight for fans of the Netflix original series Stranger Things. After all, that figure definitely resembled protagonist Eleven, a girl with special abilities who was forced to be part of horrifying experiments by a shadowy government organization.

19. It’s pretty difficult to even make out what’s going on here. Obviously, it’s a person—you can tell by the hand holding on to what appears to be a slingshot or an airbow. The only explanation for their strange appearance? They’re wearing camouflage and a cap. Or maybe this is just a strange monster. Highly likely.

20. Anyone who’s watched any film in the Jurassic Park franchise can tell you that their biggest fear remains every scene involving velociraptors. Dinosaurs terrorizing children as they feast on jello and pudding in the park dining hall is bad enough… but can you imagine running into one of these bad boys in the woods at night? (Okay, yes, dinosaurs have long been extinct. But still…)

21. Finally, this has to be the most terrifying thing to find in the woods: the personification of Death himself. That’s right, a trail cam appears to have glimpsed the Grim Reaper, bloody scythe and all!

Trail cams are just a gold mine for terrifying images, aren’t they? It’s difficult to know what to believe anymore!

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