21 Terrifyingly Real Photos Caught On Trail Cameras

Trail cameras allow people to see the wilderness in ways that they might not be able to through traditional means. Deer might get skittish if you get too close to them, for example, but trail cameras capture them in all their natural glory!

However, spying on skittish animals is far from the only thing that you might be able to do with a trail camera. More often than not, you just might catch something odd—and horrifying—that you simply can't explain.

These 21 terrifying trail camera photos certainly fit that bill. From brutal animal behavior to demonic figures in the night, there's no shortage of amazing imagery....

1. Nobody wants to imagine anything bad happening to their furry friends, but it's particularly nightmarish to imagine your own cat getting carried away in the night by an owl with eyes that can only be described as demonic.
2. It may take a few moments to notice, but that definitely looks like a buck staring down a small—yet incredibly creepy—child on a dark night at the edge of the woods. Who on Earth is that, and what is she doing there?
3. Many people have speculated that the terrifying, humanoid creature is merely a Halloween prop, or that this image is part of a series of promotions for a horror flick. However, while likely, those theories have yet to be officially debunked...
4. Imagine being this poor doe. You're wandering around the forest at nighttime when you stumble across a nice pile of apples. You think, "Man, it must be my lucky day!" You bend down to take a big bite, when suddenly a high-pitched shriek cuts through the darkness. You flee... while a harmless flying squirrel reaps all the spoils.