Ultrasound machines have long been used by medical practitioners to visualize a patient’s internal organs. By far, one of its most common uses these days includes examining pregnant women in order to check up on the health of their babies.

With the use of these amazing machines, parents are also able to catch the first glimpse of their unborn children. That first hint of the bundle of joy to come is, usually, an occasion worth celebrating.

Of course, some ultrasounds come out better than others. However, these are just outright terrifying…

1. Just imagine the look on your face if this alien-like image showed up during your routine ultrasound? Let’s just hope that this bad boy comes in peace, otherwise the family who’ll be raising him is in for an out-of-this-world experience.


2. As soon as this ultrasound visit is over, the mother might just want to take the father to get a DNA test and make sure that he isn’t actually the devil himself. Beelzebub here sure looks like he’s getting quite comfortable in her womb…


3. The baby in this ultrasound definitely looks like he’s up to something rather mischievous. Either that, or he is screaming about some horrifying realization that he made while still inside of his mother’s womb. “Ahh! I forgot to clear my browser history!”


4. In utero, no one can hear you scream. It makes you wonder what this baby could even possibly be yelling about to begin with. It can’t be all that kicking back and relaxing in the womb while everyone else goes to work all day. Maybe she’s just looking for attention.


5. This specific ultrasound might be reason enough for most people to never entertain the idea of having any of their own children. On the other hand, just imagine all of the interesting family photographs you could take with this one!


6. Sure, the unborn child in this ultrasound photograph may have the face of a demon skeleton from hell, but from the looks of the arm raise, it just wants to do a little dance with its parents. Can you say “jazz hands” 20 times fast?


7. Edvard Munch’s baby sure looks cute. Something about this child’s ultrasound might suggest that they’re going to have quite a lot to say. Let’s just hope the parents don’t mind their children talking back to them all of the time!


8. This is the ultrasound that a woman gets at the beginning of a horror movie and the doctor looks at her and tells her that she will be giving birth to Satan in a matter of months. “Give me your hopes. Give me your dreams.”


9. The longer and closer that you look at this baby’s ultrasound scan, the more it looks like an old gypsy woman who curses you after you refuse to give her a bank loan. Just be sure to run away as soon as you’re finished checking her heartbeat.


10. While most of the ultrasound scans here have shown rather demonic-looking children, at least there was only one in those isntancs. Just imagine what this mother thought when she discovered that she was going to be expecting twins…


11. Not only is this perhaps the most eerie of all the ultrasound photographs, but just look at how developed that eye is! Is this pregnant mother sure that she isn’t about to give birth to a full-grown adult at the end of her nine months?


12. This ultrasound scan brings the word “nope” to all new heights. Not only does this photograph barely depict a person, but it looks ultra-demonic, to boot. Let’s just hope the mother knows how to keep her distance once it’s born.


13. Are you ready for the sequel to Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal? This baby not only has the size, shape, and head of an extraterrestrial, but it also has the demonic tail of Satan to go with it. The parents must be so excited for its arrival…


Listen: it might be a demon baby, but it’s your demon baby. It’s your little bundle of death and destruction. You have to admit it’s kind of cute… in an apocalyptic kind of way.

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