The Queen’s Most Bizarre Habits Are Hilariously Relatable

We all have our own weird habits, but surely someone like Queen Elizabeth is above that kind of behavior, right? Well, not exactly. As it turns out, the British monarch has some pretty bizarre routines that prove she’s unlike anyone else on the planet. So, from celebrating two birthdays a year to having a personal poet, let’s discover how the Queen differs from us mere mortals.

40. She can’t stand facial hair

The next time you look at a picture of the British royal family, zoom in on the faces of the guys. Why? Well, you’re sure to notice that none of them have any facial hair. And that’s entirely down to the Queen. You see, the Bright Side website reports that she hates taches and beards, so growing them is out of the question. Elizabeth would be the perfect mascot for Gillette!

39. She only wears a certain type of nail polish

Finding the right nail polish for your cuticles isn’t always easy, but the Queen has no such problem. According to Harper’s Bazaar, she’s been sporting the same type for over 30 years now. In case you were curious, it’s “Ballet Slippers” pink from the Essie brand. Her hairdresser first asked for a container in 1989, and she’s refused to try anything else as an alternative.

38. Palace ATM

It’s difficult to picture the Queen standing at an ATM with the rest of us. Doesn’t seem particularly royal, does it? Then again, that’s not to say that she isn’t in the habit of drawing out money every so often. Insider notes that Elizabeth has a private cash dispenser sitting in Buckingham Palace. How cool is that?

37. Secret signals

Should there ever come a time when you’re sat with the Queen, keep your eyes open for this particular habit. As per The Telegraph newspaper, Elizabeth has a set of secret signs that her workers must become familiar with. For instance, by sticking her bag on a table top, that means she’s ready to leave in five minutes. But if it ends up on the ground, the monarch wants out sharpish.