Thrifting Experts Share Their Hacks For Spotting The Best Rare Treasures

There truly is no place that'll give you more bang for your buck than a thrift store. Clothing, accessories, furniture, kitchenware — these gently used shops make it easy to check off your shopping list all in one hit. You'll maybe even walk away with more bargains than you planned for! Before you fill your cart with someone's trash/treasure, though, check out these helpful hacks from expert thrifters and take your shopping savvy to the next level!

Spring cleaning

The first thing to consider doing before hitting up a thrift store is making some room in your closet. You'd hate to wind up with even more clothes you don't wear, wouldn't you? And you can even sell your old clothes to help pay for whatever you find while thrifting. Some experts say it's "good thrift karma" to do this.

Give yourself time

Shopping is, in general, already pretty intensive — and thrift stores are a whole different beast. The shops have so much to choose from and very little organization, so you could find yourself wandering aisles and digging through bins without finding a thing. Make sure to leave plenty of time to stick around a few extra minutes — or hours — if you need to.

Take note

If you're strapped for time, however, prepare for your thrift store battle by either making a mental note of what you need or jotting down literal notes, either on a pad or on your phone. This goes hand-in-hand with clearing your closet: you know exactly what you need and what you don't. This strategy will also help you stay on budget.

Dollars in your pocket

They say cash is king, but it's also your knight in money-saving armor. Set your budget with a physical cash limit. While there might be much more that you want, it’ll have to remain on the rack if it costs more than you have in cash. But fear not: there is a way you might be able to see that out-of-reach garment again.