20 Heart-Racing Photos Taken By Photographers That Were In The Right Place At The Right Time

A career in photography may seem as simple as snapping pictures, trying to capture cool angles or vivid colors. But there's a heck of a lot more that goes into capturing the pictures we see adorning the pages of magazines like National Geographic than we think.

You may rebuff the idea that a still image has the ability to up your heart rate, but once you've looked at the work of someone who knows the ins and outs of the photography landscape, you'll immediately see what we mean. If at least one of these 20 photos doesn't get your heart racing, you might need to check yourself for a pulse!

1. Is this really a bridge worth crossing? Apparently many people think so because it's a huge attraction in China. Those who dare to walk it are harnessed in, but that really doesn't mean much when you're staring directly down a sheer 1,000-foot drop.
2. You better "bee" careful if you're trying to go for a ride on this bike! Whoever owns it better have an EpiPen handy. Either that, or a whole bunch of Off! at their disposal. Who knew bees were interested in mountain biking?
3. How terrified would you be to walk underneath this massive boulder? It's hard to believe people do it every day, but it's even harder to believe this city in Southern Spain actually built apartments all around it. "Don't worry, my next door neighbor doesn't mind loud music. They're a boulder."
4. This is one bad-to-the-bone swimmer. Instead of freaking out, he threw this Great White a hang-ten sign. This shark was totally harshing the dude's mellow with those gnarly teeth. The ocean's not big enough for both of us, bro.