The Tibetan Sand Fox isn’t exactly a household name yet, but once you see it, you’ll understand why it really needs to be.

But before take a look at these pictures, rest assured that they haven’t been photoshopped. That’s right, they’re 100% real.

Making its home in the Tibetan Plateau, the Tibetan Sand Fox is not commonly found around humans.


These pictures have not been altered. They really do have these big, blocky heads!


These little guys are found in arid regions of Tibet, southwest China, Bhutan, and northern Nepal.


Their pups are also really cute, too.


They primarily hunt small animals like pika, hare, and rodents. When they’re hunting, they get really low to the ground and stalk their prey.


They’ve even been known to use brown bears as their minions. They let the bear dig a pika out from the small animal’s hole, and if the pika escapes the bear, the fox is ready to swoop in.


They’re mostly solitary creatures who hunt in the light of day, but mated pairs often remain together.


They even hunt with their mates.


That face just screams, “I’m not mad, just disappointed.”


Either way, they’re awesome.


It’s crazy to think that we didn’t have a proper video of the Tibetan sand fox prior to the BBC’s Planet Earth series in 2006. Despite how silly their big heads are, they sure are adorable!

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