Man Claiming To Be A Time Traveler Makes Some Eerie Predictions

Telling the future is generally a skill set reserved for super heroes and carnival soothsayers. One man, however, claimed to have traveled to the future and returned with some eerie predictions about global changes. People didn't really believe him, per se, but his theories prompted a lot of discussion. When people dug into this "time traveler's" story, however, they were stunned by what they found.

Those clairvoyants

While you might have encountered fortune tellers at an amusement park or boardwalk, those "clairvoyants" tend to make incredibly vague predictions that apply to anyone and can't really be wrong. Noah the Time Traveler, however, is quite different.

Welcome to 2030

Noah claimed that he was able to visit the year 2030, write down his observations, and return back to the present. The tale was tall, but people enjoyed discussing his notes that, understandably, included some shocking predictions about global changes. They oddly plausible, lending credence to the "time travel" story.


Consequently, Noah took steps to conceal his identity; he was also careful not to remain in one place for too long. Naturally, this made a lot of his audience immediately discount his story — but the more watched his video, the more they were drawn in.

Residents of Earth

So, what did he claim to observe in the year 2030? There were plenty of strange sights, but one stands out: Let's just say that planet Earth will have some new residents by then...