40 Genius Tips Guaranteed To Take All The Pain Out Of Parenting

There is no getting around it, working from home as a mom or a dad can be an extremely hard shift. When we are not busy directly caring for our wee ones, we’re buzzing around cleaning up after them or undertaking other arduous tasks to keep the little lovelies safe and secure. All too often, we are working so hard it can be difficult to get some objectivity and see where we could be working smarter. So, to make life easier for any overstretched guardians or carers, we have compiled this list of 40 handy hacks to take the pain out of parenting.

40. Beads meet a sticky end

If your kid enjoys crafting, you’ll probably know all too well how little beads can get everywhere. Not only do they make a mess, but they can be fiddly to pick up off the floor and other surfaces. Make light work of clean-up time by utilizing a piece of tape to easily lift these small items in a flash.

39. Frozen aloe

Of course, it’s advisable to prevent sunburn at all costs, and this nifty trick will soothe the skin of any family member who gets caught out. Simply mix aloe vera gel with some water and freeze ahead of time in ice tube trays. Just rub one along the affected area the next time you’ve had too much sun, and breathe a sigh of relief.

38. Soothing oatmeal bath

Believe it or not, oatmeal can be used to provide relief for a number of skin ailments – including eczema. The store cupboard staple can ease itching and inflamed skin when ground up and scooped into the bath. Or, to prevent your drains from blocking, just scoop some oats into a sock. Then secure this over the faucet using a hair tie so that the water runs through the grains and into the tub.

37. DIY teething rings

The teething stage can be tough on our little ones, but there’s no need to buy new plastic gadgets that could potentially be made from harmful chemicals. Instead, simply wet a baby washcloth, roll it up and curl it into a muffin tin to freeze. After half an hour, you’ll be left with a DIY teething ring to alleviate your child’s throbbing gums.