We’ve all seen crafty ways to reuse cheap, common items like pallets or pegboards for cool home decor projects, but there’s one that blows those out of the water. When it comes to inexpensive DIY supplies, you really can’t beat an empty roll of toilet paper!

Every house goes through at least a few rolls in a week, which can add up to a lot of craft supplies. If you’re looking for a smart use for all of the empty toilet paper rolls you’re throwing out, look no further. These 11 uses for the empty rolls are so clever that you may find yourself buying more toilet paper just so you can do more crafts!

1. A pencil holder


This simple yet beautiful craft is achieved by collecting a bundle of twigs from your yard and gluing them around the edges of the toilet paper rolls.

2. A desk organizer


You can make cool stationary organizer by spray painting numerous toilet paper rolls any color that you wish. The next and final step is to glue them to a piece of cardboard. The result is an awesome multi-functional desk organizer.

3. Wrapping paper holder

toilet-roll-10Aunty Acid

Let’s face it, we all struggle to keep our extra wrapping paper as organized as we’d like it to be. However, this use for a toilet paper roll will fix that in a hurry. Simply slide one down to the center of the roll and — tada — that wrapping paper is no longer unraveling.

4. A bird feeder


The first step to creating your own bird feeder is to coat a toilet paper roll in peanut butter. This acts as an adhesive to the bird food that you will then coat it with.

5. Mirror decorations

toilet-roll-1Happiness Is Creating

First, you’ll cut a toilet paper roll into small sections and then glue the ends to make little circles. Next, glue them together in floral patterns. Lastly, glue the larger floral pieces around the edges of the mirror.

6. A cord organizer

toilet-roll-7Our Thrifty Ideas

If you’re sick of tangled wires clogging your cupboards, then this is the use for you. Simply wrap the cord the way you desire and then slide a toilet paper roll over it. This will hold the cord securely in place and prevent it from unraveling.

7. Storage for toy cars


We all need a way to keep our kids’ toys organized, especially their miniature cars. Save as many toilet paper rolls as you like and stack them inside of a box. As demonstrated above, place the cars into their own individual garages.

8. Yarn organizer

toilet-roll-8Sewlicious Home Decor

All you have to do to create these yarn rolls is wrap yarn around a toilet paper roll. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

9. A mini planter

toilet-roll-3Garden Therapy

Rather than buying new planters this season, fold the bottom of a toilet paper roll in to close it. Then put soil and seeds inside. Since the cardboard will decompose on its own, you won’t have to worry about getting rid of it once the plant outgrows your planter.

10. Scarf organizer


All you need to do is empty out a drawer in your dresser. Line the inside with enough empty toilet paper rolls to fill it, and you’ll have individual compartments for each of your scarves.

11. See how to make a mini gift box in the video below…

We had no idea that empty toilet paper rolls could be so versatile! Now we’re just going to have to decide which of these crafts we want to make first.

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