Mom Uses Toothpaste To Teach Her Daughter An Important Life Lesson

Middle school represents an important transition period in everyone's life. At that age, people start to become more aware of who they are and how they fit into the world, and they have to be prepared for the extra responsibilities that accompany that knowledge.

Amy Beth Gardner, a mom from Cleveland, Tennessee, wanted to emphasize to her daughter just how important the move to middle school would be, so she taught her a brilliant lesson that she's sharing with parents everywhere.

With her daughter about to start middle school, Amy Beth Gardner prepared just like any parent would. The proud mother decorated her daughter's locker, bought new uniforms, and even surprised her with a new backpack.
However, on the night before the first day of school, Amy Beth had one more thing in mind to help get her daughter ready. She handed the pre-teen a tube of toothpaste and asked her to squirt it out onto a plate.
When the girl finished, Amy Beth calmly asked her to put all the toothpaste back in the tube. Her daughter began exclaiming things like "But I can't!" and "It won't be like it was before!"Amy Beth quietly waited for her to finish and then said some truly powerful words.
Amy Beth told her daughter: "You will remember this plate of toothpaste for the rest of your life."