Some things just go together—like peanut butter and jelly, Tom and Jerry, and thunder and lightning. Conversely, there are things that shouldn’t mix at all… but when they do, something magical happens. That’s what one creative woman recently realized while fussing around in her garden.

She decided she wanted to revamp her décor, but rather than heading to her local nursery or garden store for matching planters and the like, she came up with an unusual DIY project. When you first see the two things she combined, you might be confused. But just wait until you see the final result…

One woman recently wanted to revamp the décor outside her home, but she didn’t want to decorate with just any of the same old stuff she could buy from a gardening store. Nope, she decided it had to be DIY!

With an idea of the finished product in mind, she went off in search of a truly unusual but vital item—some old towels. But what the heck could she do with ratty towels to improve the look of her yard?

Well, as it turned out, she had an unusual—but wonderful—idea: she’d make her own DIY flower planter. In addition to the old bath towels, she gathered a bag of concrete, Miracle-Gro, a drill, and two five-gallon plastic buckets. Then, she got to work…

Armed with a pair of gloves, she filled half of a five-gallon bucket with concrete and enough water to make it somewhat soupy. Of course, she knew it would be messy, so she did the mixing outside so as to not make her house dirty.

Next, she grabbed the old towels and dipped them directly into the concrete mix. She was sure to cover every inch of cloth in the mixture, and she soaked them inside the bucket long enough to give them a really nice and thick coating.

Then, she flipped her spare bucket upside-down and draped her towels over it, making sure that the ends were touching the floor. Finally, she did a spot-check and touched up any parts of the towel that weren’t as covered as she’d like.

After a brief waiting period—the woman suggested allowing the towels to dry for anywhere between 24 and 48 hours—she carefully touched them with her glove. Once they felt completely dry, they were ready to be turned over.

Once she’d turned over the dried towels, she carefully drilled two holes into the bottom. At long last, she was ready to turn these things into the lovely concrete planters she’d envisioned from the beginning. Naturally, she filled them with Miracle-Gro and flowers!

The end result was a little less like a traditional planter you might buy at a store and more like a fancy piece of modern art. Plus, it was easy and cheap to make! Your neighbors will certainly get a kick out of it, too.

Not a fan of concrete? Not to fear—you can turn anything into a decorative DIY planter. If you already own a bunch of traditional terra cotta pots, try repurposing an old pallet to use as a stand.

Easy-Backyard-Projects-1DIY Projects

You can also use wooden pallets to organize your plants into rows. First, place the pallet where you’ll start your garden. Then fill the slots with soil, plant your seeds, and watch as your garden grows in perfectly straight lines!

Of course, upcycling old items is an environmentally friendly way to update your home and garden. While you’re at it, you can whip up something cute and fun for the kids, too—like this tiny seesaw. It’s a great way to use scrap wood and an old tire.

Easy-Backyard-Projects-feature-750x420Diy Projects

Want to create a sitting area in your garden for those warm summer nights? You’re going to need some light. Try using old bottles like these to make your own Tiki torches—they’re equal parts practical and cool! Everyone will want to know where you found those chic “lamps.”

Easy-Backyard-Projects-2DIY Projects

You can use citrus fruits to start your garden, too. Simply slice a lemon in half and scoop out the flesh. Next, using the rind like a pot, fill it with some soil and sprinkle in a couple of seeds. Once it begins to grow, you can then transfer the entire thing to your garden, where the fruit will break down and provide added nutrients!

Likewise, use eggshells to get your garden off on the right track! Just like the citrus, you can remove the top of an egg and fill it with soil and seeds. Of course, you’ll have to be more careful, but the small size allows you to plant more teeny plants in your garden.

You can even make a watering can from an old milk jug! Instead of spending your money on a store-bought watering can, drill a series of small holes into the lid of an old milk container and fill it with water. You can even decorate it.

Create a timed-release pour with a wine bottle. This one is so easy: simply fill an empty wine bottle with water and place it mouth-side-down in the soil. Instead of dumping right out, the water will drain from the bottle and soak the soil over time!

Use an old sink as a garden. Who says you have to have a typical garden in your yard? The next time you’re getting rid of an old sink, try tying off the plumbing and filling it with soil and seeds! Now, you’ll have an awesome garden like no one else.

No outdoor garden or back yard is quite complete without lots of comfortable seating. You don’t need to spend a fortune, either. Just create a cushion out of your favorite fabric and foam, and assemble painted cinder blocks and wooden slats!

Here’s a finishing touch that will make your garden sing. You know all of those seashells you and the kids have been collecting every time you go to the beach? Now’s the time to put them to work! String them up on a branch, and you’ve got yourself a beautiful wind chime!

Who would’ve thought that it’d be so easy to make such incredible—and customizable—outdoor décor items? Those cement-towel planters are truly remarkable.

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