Everyone dreams about finding a hidden room or secret passage in their home. Yet as much as you search every square inch of every room, you never find anything more than a loose board or a few spare shelving brackets.

This man, however, found something in his new house that he never could have predicted. After moving in some boxes, he found something embedded in his floor that he hadn’t noticed before. Little did he know what he was about to uncover…

As Matt and his wife moved into their new home, he stacked some boxes into a closet without paying to the floor.trap-door-1Imgur/CzarMatt

Soon after moving in, Matt’s wife noticed something special about the floor and asked him, “Did you know we had a trap door?”trap-door-2Imgur/CzarMatt

Curious to see what was down there, Matt tried the handle…and hoped for the best.trap-door-3Imgur/CzarMatt

After they quickly opened it, they took a look down the hole and saw nothing but dust…trap-door-4Imgur/CzarMatt

Until they saw this hiding in the corner.trap-door-5Imgur/CzarMatt

It’s…a box?trap-door-6Imgur/CzarMatt

But what’s inside?trap-door-7Imgur/CzarMatt

Whatever it was, it was surprisingly heavy.trap-door-8Imgur/CzarMatt

They tried to open it, but soon realized it was locked. Seeing as they didn’t want to ruin its contents, they opted for more careful measures.trap-door-9Imgur/CzarMatt

Luckily, the keyhole was in great condition.

For the next step, Matt decided to call a locksmith friend to finally get this open.trap-door-11Imgur/CzarMatt

Unfortunately, the locksmith declined to help, so Matt decided to force it open anyway.trap-door-12Imgur/CzarMatt

The lock was already broken, so Matt took a screwdriver and a hammer and opened the box in no time. What was inside?trap-door-13Imgur/CzarMatt

It’s a real-life treasure chest!

Inside this treasure chest was an even smaller locked box.

Look at all these coins…trap-door-16Imgur/CzarMatt

The box contained several different currencies, including dollars and British pounds.trap-door-17Imgur/CzarMatt

Some of the coins dated back to over a century ago.trap-door-18Imgur/CzarMatt

This one dated back to 1885!trap-door-19Imgur/CzarMatt

This penny dated back to 1859.trap-door-20Imgur/CzarMatt

The coins were probably worth quite a bit, considering their diverse origins and age.trap-door-21Imgur/CzarMatt

After examining the box a bit more, Matt’s wife found a strange surprise.trap-door-22Imgur/CzarMatt

It’s a…Silver Surfer trading card?trap-door-23Imgur/CzarMatt

Unlike the coins, this card can’t be more than a few decades old.trap-door-24Imgur/CzarMatt

After looking around the big treasure chest, it was time to move on to the tiny box.trap-door-25Imgur/CzarMatt

This one looked like it was going to be tough to open, thanks to its strange lock.trap-door-26Imgur/CzarMatt

Matt’s wife luckily found the key to this tiny chest.

The lock was removed. Now to see what was inside!trap-door-28Imgur/CzarMatt

What was in these bags?

Amazing. These are like relics of a different age!trap-door-30Imgur/CzarMatt

There were a few pocket watches, chains, and a single ring.trap-door-31Imgur/CzarMatt

Two of the watches were still in working order.trap-door-32Imgur/CzarMatt

The ring had the old Girl Scout emblem on it. Who did it belong to?trap-door-33Imgur/CzarMatt

Matt and his wife found the treasure haul of a lifetime. Their dog, however, was not impressed.trap-door-34Imgur/CzarMatt

Seeing what they found makes me wonder what secrets are hiding in my house. Time to go searching for trap doors!

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