The natural wonders of our world never cease to amaze. Our planet is filled with remarkable vegetation, wildlife, and terrain, and it’s impossible not to appreciate the majesty of these stunning sights from afar.

Some of the most impressive occurrences in nature, though, aren’t natural at all: they’re actually man-made. These manufactured creations may not be native to their environments, but they still serve an important purpose in the larger function of our ever-changing landscape.

This beautiful tree makes a bold statement with its bright purple and pink colors, but it doesn’t look that way by accident: it was created by an artist named Sam Van Aken.

pretty-tree2Sam Van Aken

Sam got the idea of creating a tree that could grow multiple kinds of fruit, so he set out to do just that. Using grafting, a technique of joining together two genetically similar plants, he began growing his hybrid tree.

pretty-tree3Sam Van Aken

The result was this “Tree of 40 Fruit,” which produces huge amounts of fruit ranging from plums, peaches, apricots, nectarines, and almonds. That’s right: they all grow on one single tree!

pretty-tree4ABC News

Sam focused on stone fruits (those containing one large, hard seed), because they are genetically similar enough to graft easily. Since his first creation three years ago, he now has several other trees of similar design. When spring comes around, their blossoms are truly a sight to see.

pretty-tree6Huffington Post

Sam says: “I see the tree as an artwork,” but he also thinks that his innovative creation can be a solution for the decreasing diversity of food production and the disappearance of some heirloom and antique varieties of fruit.



It’s truly inspiring to think that something so beautiful to look at can have a positive effect on our environment and food supply as well!

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