As long as you keep your eyes open, it’s impossible to get bored at a museum. Masterpieces and surprises await you around every corner, and you never quite know which pieces will stun you. In rare cases, it might even be a painting of your own face!

These lucky museum guests stumbled upon their exact doppelgängers in old portraits. In fact, for many of them, the resemblance is so striking that you have to wonder if they might’ve discovered long-lost relatives…

1. For decades now, Weird Al Yankovic has spoofed the biggest pop songs on the radio. It turns out that his face is also a parody of sorts. He looks just like St. John the Baptist by Leonardo da Vinci! Maybe we should call him St. Al from now on?

Twitter / alyankovic

2. Every parent loves showing off pictures of their new baby. Naturally, this proud dad couldn’t help but show off his kid when they found the exact likeness hung up on the wall. This pic will surely get more than a few likes online.

Twitter / hifrienditsme

3. If we didn’t know better, we would think that this girl actually posed for the portrait! The facial resemblance, especially in the eyes, is uncanny. Too bad museum works cost millions of dollars because this would look great in her living room.

Imgur / davidurbon

4. It’s a staring contest for the ages! When one art admirer visited a Zurich museum, he never expected to come face-to-face with his own profile. It looks like these two guys must go to the same barber as well.

Twitter / Melbourneer

5. When music professor Ross Duffin spotted this painting, he realized that he missed out on his real calling — becoming a knight. Ross certainly has the looks for it, but he sadly forgot his plumed helmet.

Twitter / Ross W. Duffin

6. Even science museums can be great for spotting lookalikes! During a family vacation to Italy, the Mansfields came across the caveman version of their son, Drew. Perhaps he found a distant ancestor?

Facebook / Todd Mansfield

7. Much of the time, twins wearing matching clothes come off as tacky. In this case, however, the museum fan needs to get herself a giant red hat — pronto! 

8. While studying abroad in Spain, a Redditor and his classmates saw this painting of medieval war hero El Cid. They immediately thought their friend was El Cid’s second coming, so he happily posed for a photo.


9. These two blokes have matching hair, beards, and outfits — that’s a perfect score right there. Granted, it’s a fair assumption that the jacket in the painting didn’t come from North Face.

Imgur / Davidurbon

10. As the old Herman’s Hermits song goes, “I’m Henry the Eighth I am, I am.” This regal fellow bears more than a passing resemblance to the famed monarch. Though based on his authentic costume, it seems their meeting wasn’t much of a coincidence.

Reddit / scrmedia

11. What turns a good hair day into a great hair day? Well, finding a painting of your own lush locks will do the trick. You can bet this gentleman has a matching white dog as well, though unfortunately he wasn’t allowed to bring it inside the museum.

Reddit / racoon_goon

12. Hey now, don’t look so down. You’re supposed to be happy when you find your museum lookalike. With long hair like that, you two could start a seriously good metal band.

13. It turns out you don’t need to rely on modern shampoos and conditioners to achieve maximum volume. Despite the hundreds of years separating them, each of these dudes managed to cultivate his own mushroom cloud of hair.


14. Paintings are great, but some museum guests find sculpture doppelgängers, too! These two are almost a perfect match. She just needs some puffier sleeves, while all the bust needs is…an entire lower body.

15. This art fanatic may have just found his next Halloween costume in Íñigo Melchor de Velasco, a 17th-century Spanish nobleman. Not many people would be able to guess who he is, but at least it would be easy!

Imgur / joahdato

16. After bumping into this photograph of a very familiar-looking samurai, this Redditor wondered if he went though some kind of armor-collecting phase he forgot about. Since the picture was over 100 years old, he might’ve forgotten he was a time traveler, too.

Reddit / datman510

17. Isn’t it so embarrassing when you show up to an event wearing the same outfit as somebody else? Actually, when you just so happen to match a painting, it’s pretty stylish. The red scarf and flowers are also a neat coincidence.

18. One Louvre visitor snapped this excellent pic of another tourist and his twin painting. You have to wonder: did he even notice his doppelgänger in the frame, or did he just walk right by?

Reddit / realbobsnyder

19. The only time you expect to see your face framed in a museum is in the bathroom mirror. Nevertheless, this woman encountered what must have been her great-great-great grandmother, which must have felt pretty… great.

20. Here we’ve got three lookalikes for the price of one! There’s an ordinary museum visitor standing next to a photograph of Mexican writer and art critic Juan García Ponce standing next to his own portrait.

Facebook / Mike Kabler

21. Strike a pose! This red-bearded gentleman channeled his inner Ferris Bueller by mimicking the poses of the artwork. Hopefully he got out of the museum before his principal caught him.


22. Have you ever completely forgotten about a past job? Well, this guy blacked out all memories of his time as a medieval monk — until he came face-to-face with a painting of himself in his old uniform.


Art isn’t the only place that people are starting to notice similarities, and us average folks aren’t the only ones to have such doppelgangers. These old photographs seem to have resurrected in celebrity form decades — and even centuries — later…

1. Back in the 1800s, Matthew McConaughey had a secret double, and he looks alright, alright, alright. The key difference is that Matthew drives a Lincoln, while his old-fashioned doppelgänger voted for Lincoln.

2. That bearded man looks like he could be Ellen DeGeneres’ great-grandfather, but he’s actually famed author Henry David Thoreau! Ellen probably wouldn’t mind some alone time out in the woods, but Thoreau wouldn’t fare too well hosting a daytime talk show.

3. Eddie Murphy hasn’t appeared in too many movies in recent years. Could it be because he’s busy traveling back in time? This picture makes it seem like a possibility. These two guys could easily be trading places.

4. A woman named Shannon Welch shared a childhood photo of her boyfriend online. That part isn’t too unusual, but what’s eerie is how his middle school self is a dead ringer for Natalie Portman.

5. Nicolas Cage owns a lot of weird stuff: a pet octopus, a dinosaur skull, a couple of medieval castles. So it’s only fitting that he should also have a guy who looked just like him from 150 years ago.

6. Does Matt Damon have something to explain to his wife, Luciana? Fortunately, Will Hunting can rest easy in this case. That smiling stud on the left is nothing more than a guy who’s the spitting image of the A-list actor.

7. These days, people know Alec Baldwin for spoofing Donald Trump, but he actually bears a much bigger resemblance to another President — Millard Fillmore! The not-so-famous Fillmore served less than a full term, which is why most Americans don’t see the likeness.

Reddit / oxfordkentuckian

8. Maggie Gyllenhaal is descended from Swedish nobility, but she looks like she could also be related to Rose Wilder Lane. Daughter of Little House on the Prairie author Laura Ingalls Wilder, Rose helped found the modern libertarian movement.

9. The King of Pop went through a ton of looks, so we can imagine he “borrowed” a few from other people. Is it possible this portrait was Michael Jackson’s style muse? Never say never in Neverland.

Bored Panda

10. It’s hard to say what’s better, the fact that young Leo DiCaprio has a woman lookalike, or that her name is Judy Zipper? If Judy fell in love with Leo on the Titanic, we bet she would have made room for him on that floating door.

11. A Lannister always pays his debts, so Peter Dinklage shouldn’t mind emptying out his wallet for this stunning portrait. Capturing the likeness of court jester Sebastián de Morra, it would look right at home on the set of Game of Thrones.

12. Here’s two doppelgängers for the price of one! Andy Samberg and Daniel Radcliffe found their carbon copies in this vintage pic, and it’s almost hard to believe. Maybe Harry Potter cooked up another Polyjuice potion!

13. Gender-bending lookalikes are often the most impressive. One Redditor could hardly believe his eyes when he found an old photo of his mother that looked uncannily like Barack Obama. On the other hand, she appears to have a much more adventurous hat collection.

14. Mark Zuckerberg reigns over his Facebook empire, so it’s only fitting that he resembles a real-life monarch. He and King Philip IV of Spain share many features, though Mark lacks the prominent Habsburg lip that characterized many royal European families.

15. When Christina Ostrom dug through old family photos, she came across this gem of her grandparents, who look like Hugh Hefner and a much older Taylor Swift! Don’t know about you, but they’re looking 82.

16. Is this what Jack Sparrow looked like before he turned to piracy? In reality, Michael William Johnstone shared this headshot of his grandfather, who was a dead ringer for Johnny Depp — but maybe even more dapper.

17. We wonder what Justin Timberlake did before his solo career, and we’re not talking about NSYNC. Based of off this 1800s mugshot, we can’t help but wonder if he had a lucrative bank-robbing career back in the day.

18. Lots of people try to discredit celebrity lookalike photos, but this picture has the stamp of approval from the New York Public Library itself! Titled “Harlem Loiterers,” the 1939 image features the spitting image of Jay-Z. Too bad Beyonce’s double is nowhere in sight!

19. History buffs may recognize that congressman Thaddeus Stevens has the same look as famous tough guy Tommy Lee Jones. With that in mind, it’s no wonder that Steven Spielberg cast Jones to play Stevens in his historical masterpiece, Lincoln.

20. A wild and crazy guy like Steve Martin has no problem dressing up in wacky outfits, but he didn’t need to in this case! The figure on the left is actually a woman from the Victorian Era. Though she looks a lot like Steve, she would likely blush at many of his jokes.