Twins have such an undeniable bond that forcibly separating them from each other sounds completely monstrous (we’re looking at you, Parent Trap). If you’ve ever had the strange feeling that something is missing from your life, these stories prove that it just may be a long lost doppelganger creating that void. These twins always knew something was missing…they just never expected it to be an exact replica of themselves.

When a woman walked into a butcher shop in 2013, she found herself face to face with her co-worker, Jorge. The problem was, the man’s name was William. The woman was so struck by the similarity that she told William to check out Jorge’s Facebook page for himself.

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The truth was wild: The brothers had accidentally grown up with another set of swapped twins! All four guys met and were reunited with their rightful identical twin. William and Jorge were shocked by their shared traits, such as a genetic bump on their noses.

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The “Jim Twins,” as they’re called, were separated as tots when they were each adopted by different families in Ohio. They finally met in 1979, but they were shocked to discover how, despite living totally different lives, they had some bizarrely similar things in common.

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Both men had married women named Linda, divorced, and then remarried women named Betty. They both named their son James Alan (“Allan,” in one case), they both got bad headaches, smoked Salem cigarettes, and drove Chevrolets.

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When Robert started college, he was confused as to why people kept calling him Eddy. When the two eventually met, it was obvious that they were related. The separated-at-birth twins became a huge news sensation, and their photo was then seen by another man, David. 

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David was shocked by the photo of Robert and Eddy because they all looked exactly alike. The three men met, discovered their triplet status, and even lived happily in a Manhattan apartment together. Their story wasn’t all good, however.

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When digging into their past, the triplets discovered that the adoption agency that handled their cases had separated them on purpose. The agency did so in order to carry out a study of multiples growing up under different circumstances — talk about unethical.

Three Identical Strangers

Elyse Schein had always been curious about her birth mother, whom she’d never met. When she reached out to the adoption agency who handled her case, however, she got more information than she expected: She had a twin sister.

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Elyse and Paula eventually met and wrote a book together called Identical Strangers, which follows their path to sisterhood. They learned that their forced estrangement was part of a separated-twin study. Nowadays, some states require agencies to keep siblings together.

Thanks to social media, finding your long lost twin is easier than ever. Still, Anais was stunned when she stumbled upon a YouTube video of Samantha, an aspiring actress in Los Angeles, and saw how similarly they looked to each other.

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When Anais discovered that she and Samantha shared the same birthday and were both adopted, she immediately got in touch, and the two have been together ever since. As it turned out, the girls were born in South Korea, but Anais was taken to France and Samantha to the U.S.

Not all separated twins have to wait until adulthood to be reunited! Audrey and Gracie spent the first 14 months of their life together in China before they were each adopted by different families. Apparently, the families had no clue the girls were twins — until now.

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When Audrey’s mother did some research into her daughter’s background, she was blown away to find a photo of Audrey and her identical sister. She connected with Gracie’s mother through Facebook, and the sisters had a heartwarming reunion on Good Morning America.

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It wasn’t an adoption agency that separated Jack and Oskar, but their own mother. She took Oskar with her to German, where he eventually joined up with the Nazis despite knowing his father was Jewish. Jack, meanwhile, had a completely different upbringing.

At 16, Jack moved from Trinidad to Israel, where he served in the Israeli Navy. It doesn’t get more different than that, so it’s no surprise that when the men later met, they didn’t get along. They did share many of the same traits, like loud sneezing and grouchy temperaments.

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Of all the siblings that psychology professor Dr. Nancy Segal has studied, she thinks Mary and Jerry share the most mind-boggling similarities in terms of their natural habits. Both men, who met in 1985, happened to be firefighters, and that’s only the half of it.

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Both men carry big key rings on their belts, they both worked in lawn care before becoming firefighters, and they’re both partial to Budweiser beer. Their similarities are so spooky that they were even featured in a 1990 episode of Unsolved Mysteries

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Born in 1936, Ann and Elizabeth’s mother planned on putting them both up for adoption when she found out that Elizabeth had a spinal defect, guaranteeing that she’d never be adopted. So, Elizabeth stayed home while Ann started a new life elsewhere, totally none the wiser.

Elizabeth always knew she had a twin, but had no idea how to find her. Decades passed, and when the ladies were elderly, Ann’s daughter discovered that her mom was a twin. The twins were finally reunited in 2013, when they were 78 years old.

These girls don’t have social media to thank for their reunion, but 23andMe. Amanda and Katey both submitted their DNA to the genetics service, which quickly brought them together again. The similarities they share are certainly eerie…

Not only are both girls fast eaters, but both failed algebra as students, and they even pull out the same number of paper towels when washing their hands in public restrooms. “I now could never imagine not having her in my life,” Katey said. 

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These twins were probably relieved to discover that their long-lost sibling wasn’t actually an evil doppelganger. Still, that doesn’t mean evil twins don’t exist — or, at least, twins with bad behavior. These next few twins teamed up and wreaked havoc…

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The Twin Foxes — aka, Ebenezer Albert Fox and Albert Ebenezer Fox — were notorious twins in the 1800s. They used their identical faces to their advantage by convincing authorities that they’d convicted the wrong brother of crimes like poaching.

The Twin Foxes were convicted approximately 150 times for poaching, and constantly bamboozled police with their identical appearances. Ironically, their exploits are the reason police check fingerprints, since even identical twins have different fingerprints. 

The only thing weirder than homicidal twins is when neither twin is aware of the others’ violent tendencies. Stephen Spahalski was already in prison for stabbing a man when his twin brother, Robert, confessed to killing four people.

“I thought I was the only murderer in the family,” Stephen allegedly told the Attica guard who informed him about Robert’s confession. Since both brothers ended up killing people, they have been the subject of intense debate regarding nature vs. nurture techniques.

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When Orlando Nembhard was arrested for shooting and killing a man outside of a nightclub in 2011, police thought they’d gotten their guy…until witnesses to the murder made a startling claim: It was Orlando’s twin brother, Brandon, who pulled the trigger.

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With conflicting witnesses, police were forced to let both brothers go free. If the murder weapon is ever found, the fact that they have nearly identical DNA will surely complicate the investigation, and slow it down even more.

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No one wants to encounter one mafia kingpin, let alone two, but in the ‘50s, there were many who crossed paths with Reggie and Ronnie Kray. The twins rose through the ranks of crime together, going from extortion to armed robbery to arson and hijacking.

By the 1960s, they’d fully graduated to assault, torture, and murder, and showed no signs of stopping. “In gang fights they seemed to be telepathic, as if they were one,” wrote author John Pearson. They weren’t “one” forever: By 1968, they were both in prison.

Is there such a thing as an “evil” twin? The case of the Han sisters certainly makes us wonder. They started out as co-valedictorians but soon after went down a more dangerous path. Sunny Han was jailed for stealing a friend’s credit card, and Gina stole $40,000 from friends and family.

Though both were in trouble with the law, it was Gina who kidnapped Sunny, tied her up, and tried to murder her. Thankfully, Gina was arrested before she could do the deed, and she was sentenced to 26 years to life in prison…after being dubbed the “evil twin” by the press.

When twin brothers are both in a gang, it’s bound to get a little messy. That’s what happened to Mike and Peter Adiwal in 2005, when they both pleaded guilty to a drug-related kidnapping that was investigated by a gang task force. After prison, though, only one of them went back to his life of crime.

As far as anyone knows, only Mike has returned to his dangerous old habits. He was charged with extortion and released on bail a few years ago. Peter, on the other hand, has laid low since he survived 26 bullet wounds to his face, torso, and feet.

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Where to begin with the twins who baffled scientists and psychologists alike with their otherworldly connection? June and Jennifer Gibbons refused to speak to anyone other than each other, earning them the eerie nickname “the Silent Twins.”

They spoke to each other in their own language, which no one else understood. Still, they had an intense love/hate relationship that devolved into a life of crime. They eventually made a tragic pact: One of them had to die so the other could lead a normal life.

Hours after the twins made their pact, Jennifer died from a sudden inflammation of the heart muscle. That’s weird enough all on its own, but the kicker is that there were no traces of drugs or poison in Jennifer’s blood, making her actual cause of death a total mystery.

When Jas and Tas Whitehead were arrested for the slaying of their own mother, a lot of people weren’t surprised. The twins, who were also Girl Scouts and honor roll students, were also notoriously difficult to manage.

In fact, their mother had called the police on them multiple times in the past for being “out of control.” Their most out of control moment, though, was when they killed their mother and then denied it to police. A few months later, both girls were in prison.

In 2009, $6.5 million worth of jewelry was stolen from a Berlin department store by three masked men. Despite the successful heist, the men made one mistake: They accidentally left behind a sweaty rubber glove, which was immediately analyzed for DNA…

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…which is where the police ran into a problem. Not one but two names came up in the German criminal database: Hassan and Abbas O. Since the twins’ DNA was so similar, police could never figure out who the sweaty glove belonged to and were forced to release them. 

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Video cameras caught a disturbing sight one day in 2008: Identical twins repeatedly running into oncoming traffic in the U.K. Both were arrested, and some people believe that twins Sabina and Ursula Eriksson were suffering from mutual delusions.

Still, it was Sabina who, shortly after, stabbed a father of two with a kitchen knife. Then, she hit herself in the head with a hammer and jumped off a 40-foot bridge. She survived, and is believed to suffer from a myriad psychiatric disorders.

There are more twins — though hopefully not killer twins — out there making names for themselves. In fact, Hollywood is filled with famous look-alike duos, though some are not as used to the spotlight as others.

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Though both twins tried to make it as models at the start of their careers, Gisele found the most success. Her sister Patricia didn’t completely give up, though — she actually became Gisele’s manager!


If you couldn’t tell by their almost identical names and appearances, these guys are twins! The Egyptian brothers have much different lives: Rami is an Oscar-winning actor, and his brother Sami is an ESL and English teacher.

With Donald Sutherland as their father, it’s no wonder both twins made their way into Hollywood! Kiefer has been acting since the 1980s and his sister, Rachel, has had a steady career as a post-production producer. 

Laverne is an actress famous for sharing her journey as a trans woman on shows like Orange Is The New Black, and her twin M Lamar played Laverne pre-transition on an episode of the hit Netflix series.

Vin is an action movie star, but did you know he has a twin brother? Paul Vincent chose to stay behind the scenes as a sound technician, and the brothers have collaborated on a few Fast & Furious films.

Scarlett has been acting for decades and is one of the most famous actresses in the world. Her brother lives a slightly less public life, though he too has tried to make it as an actor in Hollywood.

You could really get sick of someone on a cramped spaceflight to the moon, but that was no problem for twins Mark and Scott Kelly! They’re not together all the time, though: Scott once spent over a year in space without Mark.


Ashton and Michael, fraternal twins, are extremely similar, except Michael has cerebral palsy. Ashton is a big advocate for cerebral palsy research and is a human rights activist alongside his organization Thorn: Digital Defenders of Children.

What if your twin was one of the richest people in the world? Luckily for the Barclays, both brothers are businessmen worth billions of dollars. They even bought their own island, Brecqhou, a few years back.

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French actress Eva Green made her name as a Bond girl while her twin, Joy, opted for a much quieter life on an Italian vineyard. According to Eva, Joy is still supportive of her career choices!

These twins come from a family of entertainers, so it’s no surprise that they’ve had success in the industry themselves. Giovanni starred in Saving Private Ryan and Sneaky Pete, and Marissa was in Dazed and Confused and The Brady Bunch Movie.

These twins found millions of dollars-worth of success on both coasts: Charlotte went on to become a renowned fashion designer in New York City, and Samantha works as a celebrity DJ in Hollywood!


These sisters achieved great success due in part to their “twin” status! They formed a tag-team as wrestlers and were some of the most popular performers in WWE. They now star in their own reality show together, Total Bellas. 


All the youngins out there know Dylan and Cole by a different name: Zack and Cody! Since The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, the twins have both had successful careers in Hollywood and elsewhere.

If you don’t know the “Carter” name, are you even a fan of early 2000s music? Aaron was a pop star and his twin sister, Angel, appeared with him on the short lived reality show House of Carters.


Linda is best known for playing Sarah Conner in the Terminator films, but what you might not know is that her identical twin sister, Leslie, also appeared in the Terminator films…as her body double, that is!

Remember Jon Heder from Napoleon Dynamite? Well, he has a twin brother! Dan has been credited with numerous producer gigs and, like his brother, has secured several acting gigs over the past few years.

Though they played the same character, Michelle Tanner, on Full House, Mary-Kate and Ashley are actually fraternal twins! They made bank as child actresses and most recently as successful fashion designers.

Luckily for these two, they weren’t really separated at birth, despite the plot of their hit Disney Channel show Sister, Sister. The twin actresses have been working together in Hollywood ever since!

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Mo Farah is the most successful British runner in history, and his brother Hasan has been supporting him since the beginning. Hasan even cheered his brother on as Mo was knighted by Queen Elizabeth in 2017!

Twins in real life are pretty cool, but what’s really impressive is when identical twins are manufactured by movie magic alone! Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Tanoai Reed pull it off. His cheat day meals must be pretty impressive.

Here, Reeves’ stunt double accompanies him during the filming of John Wick for a scene in which the character is forced to escape a motorcycle brigade on horseback.

Berry is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, so it would be an honor to be her double. Gibbs has stood in for the actress in many harrowing action scenes.

It’s no wonder the swashbuckling stunts of Depp’s Pirates of the Caribbean saga require an occasional stunt double to get things done. Look-alike Angelotti is the perfect person for the job.

These beautiful blondes share more than just a pretty face; they’re also both committed to making a name for themselves in the entertainment industry. Mac owns her own casting agency and hopes to release a debut album soon.

It’s hard to tell these two studs apart, but on the left is Evans, and on the right is his double, whose extensive training in martial arts helps him execute jaw-dropping feats on screen.

This rugged pair has worked together on multiple critically acclaimed films, including The Revenant in 2015 and most recently the action-packed Mad Max: Fury Road.

Styling is half the battle when it comes to stunt doubles, and its frankly impressive how closely the hair and makeup artists were able to mimic Affleck’s signature scruff on Cetrone.

Even with Stan’s face partially obscured, it’s easy to see how closely these two resemble each other. Young is responsible for many of the impressive stunts done by Stan’s character in Captain America: Civil War.

From the beachy blond locks to the broad shoulders, Pratt and McFarr could totally pass for brothers. The only difference is that McFarr seems to put a little more effort into styling his hair.

At least from the neck down these two are pretty indistinguishable. In this case Scott stood in for Efron not because of a dangerous stunt, but because the scene required more nudity than Efron was comfortable with.

This one is truly uncanny. Lessley looks so much like Witherspoon that she could honestly be her long lost twin. Maybe they should try a DNA test.

Padalecki’s hit show Supernatural forces his stunt double Carpenter to take on some pretty intense obstacles, including fighting demons and all the chaos that comes along with that job description.

No, you’re not seeing double, that’s just Robbie’s on-set helper Kleinig pictured all dolled up as Harley Quinn on the set of Suicide Squad.

Looking cute in matching braids, Schumer and her double Richardson are seen together here. However, Richardson has also worked with loads of other celebrities on films such as Black Panther and The Spy Who Dumped Me.

These two otherworldly hunks are usually busy fighting crime, but here they’re seen taking a quiet moment on set to share a sandwich.

Even their names sound alike. Wilson is one of the most sought after stunt doubles in Hollywood, so it makes sense that he would be assigned to Willis, one of the most sought after actors.

Looking amazing in skintight black body suits, Beckinsale poses with her double, Vela-Bailey, a woman who has also worked alongside Shailene Woodley in the past!

Toney is the guy behind some of Jordan’s most heart-stopping stunts on blockbuster hit Black Panther. Honestly, that intensity says it all.

These two look so similar we seriously can’t tell who is who in this candid pic. Spencer must be quite the tough guy if he’s willing to take on stunts performed by Spider-Man himself.

With the amount of driving and fighting that Imperator Furiosa did in Mad Max: Fury Road, it’s no surprise Charlize needed some help. If you can believe it, her stuntwoman ended up marrying Tom Hardy’s stuntman from the same film!

At different points in The Lord of the Rings, Gandalf is known as both “the Grey” and “the White.” Therefore, it’s only fitting that Sir Ian had two doubles! The one on the left took care of the stunts, while the giant on the right served as a scale actor next to the hobbits.

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Doubles don’t always have to be lookalikes. For the music video for “Follow the Leader,” Jennifer Lopez used a stuntman! Daniel Arroyo, the man behind the J-Lo wig, is a parkour expert who carried out tons of cool tricks.

Although Bautista comes from the wild world of pro wrestling, he needed a stuntman for some Guardians of the Galaxy scenes. Coincidentally, his double Rob de Groot shares a name with another Guardian! I am de Groot.

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When it comes to child actors, the law often requires producers to bring in doubles to take over any dangerous scenes. Quvenzhané’s double is much older than her, but you’d never notice in the film. We can thank movie magic for that!

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Four Marty McFlys — what the heck did Doc Brown do this time!? Fan ideas for Back to the Future Part IV aside, Michael is posing here with his photo double, stand-in, and stunt double. Seems like a film set is just as complex as any of Doc’s gadgets!

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Next time you’re freaking out during a Walking Dead episode, here’s a fun fact to cheer you up. While playing teenage zombie killer Carl Grimes, Chandler used a 33-year-old woman as his double.

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Looks like Jabba the Hutt snagged a second captive! Leia wore the iconic metal bikini after being captured in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. Carrie later shared that the outfit was less than comfortable, but it made for easy sunbathing between takes.

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Somebody stop me (from doing dangerous stunts on set)! With the cartoonish violence in The Mask, both Jim and Cameron needed experienced doubles. One of these tough nuts certainly doesn’t look too happy in such heavy makeup.

Anyone who’s watched Labyrinth has Jareth the Goblin King burned into their minds forever. But Nick Gillard did many of Bowie’s stunts, and he went on to choreograph the lightsaber fights in the Star Wars prequels.That’s only further proof that David Bowie is indeed an alien!

Oh no, it looks like Skynet has built another Terminator! Actually, wrong movie — Arnold poses with stuntman Peter Kent here on the set of Commando. The film had a $10 million budget, but apparently that wasn’t enough to buy shirt large enough to cover all those muscles.

A true film and music talent, Will Smith can do it all — but he actually doesn’t do his own stunts. He’s too precious to risk injury! Below, he poses with his double on the set of Collateral Beauty in 2016.

Even a legend like DeNiro is glad to have his double step in. After all, he doesn’t want to have to pick up Zac Efron! Some legends — and even Hollywood up-and-comers — don’t even want to think about using a double.