A family bond is one of the most powerful connections in the world. Sometimes these important people aren’t even related to you by blood, but you still don’t question it: if they’re a part of your family, you just know.

When Nanette and Vern Garrett wanted to add a child to their family, they started to think about adoption. Nanette had a premonition that led to the couple flying to the National Adoption Center in Ukraine, where they spent hours looking through photos of orphaned children. Suddenly, one photo of a girl with a bow in her hair stopped them both in their tracks.

That photo was just the beginning of an amazing adventure the whole family will never forget!

What an amazing story! It’s truly incredible that Nanette and Vern were able to bring those two sisters back together after so many years apart. Emily and Elizabeth are so lucky to have their tiny family unit embraced into such a loving new family of their own.

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