Animals That Have No Business Being As Big As They Are

From pink lakes to sideways trees to underwater volcanoes, Mother Nature has cooked up some pretty wacky things over the last billion years. But even with so many weird and wonderful sights in the natural world, it looks like the animal kingdom might have it beat.

You may have seen a double rainbow, but chances are you've never laid eyes on animals as unbelievably large as these. If you thought your lazy house cat was an impressive size, the other creatures on this list will make you completely reconsider your definition of "big."

1. Knickers the Cow: Well, he's technically a steer, but there's no denying how truly massive this behemoth bovine is. Standing 6'4" and weighing 2,800 pounds, the 7-year-old Knickers is roughly 3/4 as heavy as the average car and is as tall as NBA star Steph Curry. That's a lot of cow!
2. Jeff the Rabbit: If you thought the Easter Bunny was big, wait until you check out Jeff. The 4'5", 42-pound fluffball is the current Guinness World Record holder for largest rabbit, beating out his father, Darius, by an inch. Good luck pulling this guy out of a hat!
3. Big Jake the Horse: Even the tallest jockey might have a hard time hopping a ride on Big Jake. The 17-year-old Belgian Gelding horse stands at just around seven feet tall and has held the title of the "Tallest Living Horse" since 2010. You might have to stand on your tip-toes just to feed him a carrot!
4. Omar the Cat: While most of the biggest cats live in the jungle, this furry feline might just give them a run for their money. Measuring 3'11" and weighing 31 pounds, this Australian Maine Coon is considered by many to be the largest house cat in the world. Let's just hope his hairballs aren't too big...