20 Of The Most Bizarre And Gravity-Defying Bridges In The World

The world is full of structural man-made marvels. Just go to any city or globally renowned landmark and you'll see a plethora of architecture that's as fascinating as it is functional.

Of all the amazing feats of engineering that exist in the world, bridges are, by far, some of the most impressive. The fact that people are able to build massive suspended highways over water and land is nothing short of astonishing!

Here are 20 of the most unique (and bizarre) bridges around the world that are sure to leave you in awe...

1. Lucky Knot Bridge, China: This steel structure's looping design has three footpaths that wind up and down and connect two scenic parks. The design was inspired by the traditional Chinese art of knotting.
2. Circular Laguna Garzon Bridge, Uruguay: This unique ring-shaped bridge, which sits above Uruguay's Laguna Garzon, was built to replace a much smaller crossing that only accommodated two cars at a time. This bridge, however, allows for 1,000 cars! The circular design also forces drivers to slow down.
3. Twin Sails Bridge, England: This bridge spans the backwater channel in Dorset, England, and it features two 75-foot triangular lifting leaves that resemble yacht sails when they're raised all the way up to let boats pass through.
4. Eshima Ohashi, Japan: This roller coaster-like concrete bridge spans a mile across Lake Nakaumi in Japan, and it connects the cities of Matsue and Sakaiminato. The entire structure actually rises in one huge piece so ships can safely pass underneath.