17 Unsolved Cases Where The Security Footage Only Raised More Questions

We all do what we can to make sure our homes stay safe, and for many people that means keeping up to date with the latest technology in security cameras and home surveillance. The thinking goes that if something were to happen, it's best to catch it on camera.

While you might think that security footage would always be beneficial to police when they're trying to solve a crime, that's not always the case. In fact, sometimes what happens to be caught on camera actually raises more questions than answers. In each of these unsolved crimes, the security cameras were rolling at almost the right time and place. When police surveyed the footage afterwards, though, they were left more baffled than before...

1. Jane Rimmer: In 1996, security cameras captured the 23-year-old childcare worker chatting with an unidentified man outside a nightclub in Perth, Australia. She was never seen alive again. Jane was one of three women that year to disappear from night spots in the area, leading police to suspect the man on camera may be a serial killer.
2. Adriana Coronado: The gunshot-riddled bodies of 14-year-old Adriana and her father César were found 80 miles apart from each other near Houston, Texas. Security camera footage captured a man fleeing the scene where César's burned-out pickup truck was found the next day. Police investigated César's possible connections to drug cartels, but have been unable to identify the man from the tape or the pair's killers.
3. Avante Oquendo: On October 4, 2013, security cameras captured 14-year-old Avante, who suffered from autism, running out a door that had been left ajar at his special-needs high school in Queens, New York. Part of his remains were found near the East River three months later, but their condition made it difficult for the coroner to determine how he died. The cops' working theory is that he fell from a height into the river and drowned, but it's also been speculated that foul play was involved.
4. The Jamison Family: In October 2009, Bobby, Sherilynn, and Madyson Jamison left for a trip to the mountains and never returned. The Oklahoma family's home security system showed them packing their truck, which was found a few days later with their malnourished dog and $32,000 in cash. Four years later, their bodies were found three miles away. Police never determined a cause of death, where they were going, or why they were carrying so much cash.