Nothing helps chapped lips like a dab of lip balm. Wax-like and often scented, the lip salve moisturizes dry and cracked lips, healing wind- and cold-damaged skin—while making your lips appear all the more kissable in the process! But there are a few lesser-known uses for lip balm worth trying out, too.

Because lip balm traps moisture and protects from external forces as well, it can do a lot more than just keep your lips supple and un-crackable. Finally, these genius ways to re-purpose lip balm into a tool capable of solving everyday problems are out and will cure more than just a dry mouth.

1. Shine your shoes: Tell the shoe shine to take a hike. Just apply a layer of waxy lip balm to your kicks, buff them with a cloth, and watch ’em shine like brand new.

2. Relieve an irritated nose: Sensitive skin around your nose makes blowing your nose even worse when you’re suffering a cold or flu. Unscented lip balm applied to the irritated spots, however, protects the reddened skin.

3. Fix a bad hair day: Sometimes, hair won’t cooperate, but with lip balm, you can force it to submit to your will. Swipe your fingertips over the balm and rub them on any hairs that refuse to blend into the pack. That’ll keep all your hairs together.

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4. Protect tools from rust: Keep tools free from oxygen and moisture exposure by applying a layer of lip balm to all metal portions. Rust-causing elements won’t easily penetrate the wax.

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5. Stop bug bite itch: A visit from nasty insects leaves you covered in itchy bites. Dotting those bites with lip balm keeps airborne irritants away from the bug’s mark, and—viola—you itch less.

6. Remove sticker residue: If you loaded up notebook covers or laptop faces with 25 cent stickers and now regret it, apply lip balm to the sticker residue left behind when you peel them off. Let it sit for a few minutes, then wipe it away.

7. Protect pet’s paws: In the winter months, ol’ Fido’s paws don’t hold up so well on snow-stricken pavement or icy backyard grass. Apply lip balm to his paw pads for a little extra help in the elements.

8. Remove a stuck ring: When soapy water and body lotion falls short in removing a ring stuck behind your knuckle, just reach for the lip balm. Apply it to the area around the ring to grease the track and slide it right off.

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9. Tame rebellious brows: You might fix those unruly caterpillar eyebrows above your eyeballs with an expensive brow gel, but that’s just an unnecessary product. Lip balm keeps your eyebrows lookin’ sleek.

10. Clean up mascara smudges: A Q-tip topped with a bit of lip balm can wipe away any stray patches of mis-applied mascara or eyeliner—and it won’t remove concealer or foundation!

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11. Soothe small cuts: Small cuts like paper cuts hurt so much because they expose skin-level nerve endings to every airborne irritant possible. Seal the cut with a waxy lip balm to create a makeshift wax seal over those nerve endings.

12. Patch up shaving nicks: On a similar note, a dab of lip balm to a shaving nick puts a thin wax seal over the wound and stunts any bleeding. This does not work for larger cuts, though. So do be careful.

13. Prevent nails from splitting wood: Lube up nails and screws with a healthy serving of lip balm before hammering or drilling them into delicate furniture. You’ll lower the risk of splitting the wood this way.

14. Lubricate hinges and tracks: Window that won’t budge? Sliding door not living up to its name? A little lip balm on the hinges and tracks will have your windows and doors flying up.

15. Defog eyeglasses: Extreme temperatures or even a steaming stove-top pot steams up glasses, making it impossible to see. A protective layer of lip balm polished onto the lenses with a soft cloth prevents the blind from getting blinder.

16. Prevent blisters: Blisters form from the friction between the heel of your shoe and the heel of your foot. Luckily, a spot of lip balm on the back of the heel minimizes friction and prevents irritation. 

17. Moisturize your cuticles: Lip balm moisturizes and rejuvenates dry cuticles or fingertips. Rub some on the cracking areas before bed and you’ll wake up with fingers ready to star in a puppet show.

18. Seal your fragrance: Dab your wrists and behind your ears with lip balm, then apply perfume or body spray directly to those locations. The lip salve will absorb the fragrance, ensuring it lasts all through the night.

19. Keep laces tied: Sweating at the thought of tripping over a shoelace during a big moment in your life? Keep your laces tied tight with a smudge of lip balm over the knot.

20. Repair scratched CDs: If you’re still reliant on CDs, you know a scratch on the back spells doom for the disk’s future. A little lip balm over the scratch can hide the nick and stop your CD from skipping.

It’s clear that such a basic item like chapstick has a lot more uses than simply fixing dry lips. However, lip balm isn’t the only common product that can help solve our daily problems easily — and most of us have it in our house right now…

1. Remove pet hair from clothes: Don’t worry about dealing with pet hair sticking to your clothes anymore. Just sweep a dryer sheet across anything your dog or cat has snuggled up with and watch it lift the hair right up!

2. Sharpen dull scissors: Scissors go dull after prolonged usage, but when they do, don’t throw them away! Simply making several cuts into fresh dryer sheets will actually help to resharpen the dulled blades.

3. Rid video game consoles of dust: Video game consoles gather dust and debris too easily, but a dryer sheet alleviates the headache of faulty technology due to the accumulation. The sheets will pick up stuff hidden deep in the cartridge slots that everyday dust cloths miss.

4. Freshen smelly gym shoes: Stinky shoes are something we all deal with. Sure, there are various kinds of sprays you can buy to eliminate the odors, but inserting a fresh dryer sheet will work just as well.

5. Polish metal surfaces: Most people use paper towels to give their sinks, toilet tanks, and other surfaces a quick polish when they’re stained. However, a dryer sheet will actually pull up grime better than a paper towel!

6. Replace Swiffer dustpads: The pads you put on Swiffer heads can be expensive. Instead of shelling out money for them, simply place a couple dryer sheets on your Swiffer, and it will pick up dirt and dust just as efficiently, if not better!

7. Clean appliances: Never throw away your dryer sheets after removing them from clean laundry; use them to wipe off your appliances that have been accumulating dust instead! The sheets work wonders removing it and leave all your household sparkling.

8. Safely clean ceiling fan blades: Ceiling fan blades collect a lot of dust, and because they’re up so high, they rarely get cleaned. Instead of standing on a wobbly stool to wipe them down by hand, wrap a paint roller with a dryer sheet and dust them while standing safely on the floor.

9. Enhance the scent of any room: Are some of the rooms in your home smelling a little funky? Here’s a simple solution: remove your air conditioning grates and place a dryer sheet on the inside of them. Now, the air coming out will smell extra fresh!

10. Remove grime from oven racks: Oven racks build up plenty of grime over time, especially if you cook often. Sometimes sponges can’t scrape away every last bit, but a dryer sheet’s rough texture will help eliminate built-up food residue.

11. Wipe down washers and dryers: After doing several loads of laundry, washing machines and dryers get pretty filthy. Simply running a dryer sheet across the plastic and metal surfaces cleans them right up in a jiffy!

12. Enhance the smell of musky drawers: Dresser drawers can smell musty after a long time, and no one wants to put fresh clothes into a drawer if they’ll smell when they’re taken out. Slipping dryer sheets in between layers of clothing will help stave off the musty odor!

13. Get rid of deodorant stains: As useful as deodorant is for keeping our body odor in check, it can  leave unsightly stains on our clothing. Lightly rubbing a dyer sheet on the white residue solves the problem immediately!

14. Freshen up your vacuum cartridge: Even though vacuums help clean the dirty floors of your home, they begin to emit smelly fumes after prolonged usage. However, if you insert a dryer sheet into the vacuum’s canister, the fumes will go from stinky to delightful in no time!

15. Smooth out static hair: Is static hair getting you down? Well, if you have a dryer sheet handy, it doesn’t have to! It might sound odd, but rubbing a dryer sheet over your hair will help eliminate static electricity.

16. Clean up powder spills: Flour and other white powdery substances create havoc on dark surfaces, and cleaning up a powder spill can be frustrating. But dryer sheets are the best solution; they’ll get all of the white stuff out of every nook and cranny.

17. Wipe bugs off windshields: Bugs tend to splatter onto car windshields and leave a gross smear afterwards. Dryer sheets will wipe up all those buggy guts and leave your windshield looking new!

18. Clean grime off pots: Grime from food can become scorched to the bottom of pots and pans. However, if you fill up your cooking tools with a couple inches of boiling water, toss in a dryer sheet, and let it soak overnight. By the next morning the burned food will lift right off!

19. Keep rodents away: Homeowners dread rodents, and discovering a potential critter problem is a huge headache. However, rodents hate the smell of dryer sheets, so crumpling some up and stuffing them into the nooks and crannies of any home is a fantastic temporary solution (at least until the exterminator arrives).

20. Give suitcases a fresh smell: When traveling, the suitcases we pack our clothes into can smell musty, especially if they haven’t been used in a while. Tucking a few dryer sheets in there will leave them smelling fresh when you finally unpack at your destination!