Art doesn’t have to fit into a particular style. method, or genre in order to achieve greatness. After all, an artist’s value can’t be measured just in their technical proficiency, but in the way that they innovate.

For proof, look no further than Italian sculptor Valeriano Fatica, who’s made a name for himself by crafting incredible pieces of art out of fruits, vegetables, and other unconventional materials. Each one needs to be seen to be believed!

Valeriano Fatica is a 27-year-old Italian artist known for carving sculptures out of fruits and vegetables. 

12-valeriano-faticaValeriano Fatica / Instagram

He has a particular affinity for watermelons, which is what this rabbit is made out of.

4-valeriano-faticaValeriano Fatica / Instagram

He also has created sculptures made out of cheese, as well as more traditional sculpting materials such as rocks and clay.

1-valeriano-faticaValeriano Fatica

He comes from an artistic family. His father is a painter and sculptor, his sister is a pianist, and his wife is a photographer and translator.

5-valeriano-faticaValeriano Fatica / Facebook

Valeriano began drawing as a child, inspired by his love of comics. He now has a collection of over 2000 pieces of comic book art, and his work continues to be influenced by the medium. Take this excellent sculpture of The Joker, for example, which was carved from a pumpkin.

2-valeriano-faticaValeriano Fatica / Instagram

He had a particular interest in manga (a Japanese style of comics), with dreams of becoming a mangaka, or manga creator, in his own right.

8-valeriano-faticaValeriano Fatica

His love of manga is still evident in sculptures like this one, a bust of Frieza from the manga Dragon Ball. It’s made out of a potato, and looks just as good baked as it does raw!

3-valeriano-faticaValeriano Fatica / Instagram

Shortly after starting high school, Valeriano realized that what he really wanted to do was sculpt.

6-valeriano-faticaValeriano Fatica / Facebook

He started working at La Roccia (“The Rock”), a restaurant owned by his parents, where he would carve watermelons for display.

7-valeriano-faticaValeriano Fatica / Facebook

Valeriano abandoned art school after just a year, claiming that it was a “waste of time.” Things seem to be working out for him now, though!


The young artist now creates sculptures upon request for art lovers around the world.

10-valeriano-faticaValeriano Fatica / Instagram

“I do live carving directly at your house, and I can also do workshops and private lessons if you want,” he says on his website.


He also demonstrates his innovative techniques on his Youtube channel.

Not only is Valeriano Fatica remarkably talented, but it truly seems like he is making a living out of doing what he loves. Hopefully, more and more people will start to take notice of his spectacular work!

You can see more of this artist’s awe-inspiring work on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and his website!

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