No one will argue that traveling the world is a bit easier when you’re young—that is, when you typically have fewer responsibilities and no family to take care of. At least, that’s what we’re told.

Nowadays, travel can be extremely cost prohibitive, especially when you’re trying to build up your career and pay for rent (among other things). That’s why we’ve got to give kudos to this young couple from the U.K. for transforming their lives in a clever and creative way!

Meet Nikki, 32, and Adam, 29, a young couple from the U.K. They used to work in offices, share an apartment, and generally live ordinary lives. But one day, they decided to make a big change.

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In 2014, they realized they were paying too much for rent and prices were steadily increasing. Adam said that what came next was an easy decision.

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They also wanted to travel, but that was expensive, too.

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So they bought an old truck off eBay for roughly $4,000 and moved in with Nikki’s parents to save money while they worked on it. Despite lacking any previous experience, they managed to modify it all by themselves. Within a year, it was ready!

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Nikki and Adam’s truck has everything you’d expect to find in any other home, like a kitchen.

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Here’s the bathroom. A little cozy, but functional.

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What a comfy bedroom!

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Now they can take themselves—and their home—all over Europe.

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They must be enjoying their new life!

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Find out more about their project in this video!

It’s inspiring what people can do when they put their minds to it—even without any experience or resources. Nikki and Adam sure have many happy adventures ahead of them!

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