There are a lot of factors that one should account for when searching for a new home: appliances in working order; enough space for all the people living there; and, of course, location, location, location!

While that last element is inflexible, any crafty house-flipper worth her salt can find a way to transform the most run-down building into something desirable—like this gorgeous Victorian home from the early 1900s. If you dare to tackle this project, keep reading.

Built in 1900 in Montrose, Pennsylvania, this was once a beautiful old-fashioned home. Unfortunately, it has since fallen into disrepair due to neglect.

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Despite an immaculately manicured lawn and a beautiful property, the structure itself needs lots of work—but all hope is not lost. You can still see how lovely the original green roof and trim once looked contrasted against the white paint.

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The home certainly has strong “bones.” Bright sunlight filters through the bay windows in the dining room. The furniture, hardwood floors, and ceiling—which suffers from slight water damage—are all still intact, as is the charming fireplace with its mirrored mantel.

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Another fireplace boasts detailed etchings, three separate mirrors, and contrasting yellow and blue tiles around the firebox.

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The front hall features green William Morris-style wallpaper and a hardwood staircase with an intricately-carved wooden banister. It’s nothing a little touch-up can’t fix! 

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But the best part of the home has to be the Neo-Gothic stand-up piano in the parlor, which also houses an old-fashioned chest and sewing table. The piano would need to be restored and tuned before it can be used properly, but with its impressive design, it would be worth it.

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The six bedrooms upstairs are in lovely condition and need only some repainting. Much of the original plumbing remains in the bathrooms; with a little elbow grease, this antique claw-footed tub could be stunning!

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If you think you have what it takes to restore this attractive, antique home to its former glory, it can be yours for just $169,000. When you consider how much potential this house has to be beautiful and functional yet again, that’s a real bargain!

Please visit the home’s page at Across Country Real Estate for more information.

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