Here Are 18 Totally Ridiculous Pick-Up Lines That Victorian People Actually Used On Each Other

In the age of Tinder and OkCupid, it's easy to think that people just don't know how to start a conversation in person anymore. The time of the "meet-cute" seems to be coming to close.

It turns out, though, that humans have always had a dodgy relationship with romance in spontaneous situations. That's why way back in the 19th century, people would use business cards with pick-up lines on them to get their foot in the door. And once you get a look at them, your humors are certain to be all aflutter.

1. I've always wanted someone to call me "creature."
2. I've been to Cupid's Shrine. Not that special, really.
3. How sweet of you to notice my coral lips.
4. P.P.S. Come, we shall bumpeth and we shall grindeth.