Over the past century, China has become known for the construction of towering skyscrapers that make for an amazing skyline. These gigantic buildings draw tourists from all around the world and offer them the chance to see architectural beauty up close.

The city of Jingzhou, China has recently unveiled the latest in a laundry list of astonishing buildings that continue to pop up, and it’s called the “God of War” statue. Now, people from all around the world are flocking to the city to catch a glimpse of the towering work of art.

A gigantic statue depicting “God of War” Guan Yu was recently unveiled in the city of Jingzhou, China…


The statue is made of pure bronze and stands 190 feet tall, weighing more than 1,320 tons.


The statue was constructed on a pedestal that houses a museum commemorating the real-life character Guan Yu, who the Chinese consider a god.


The “God of War” statue also celebrates the country’s rich history, its military, and mythology.


Guan Yu brandishes a 150-ton axe known as his “Green Dragon Blade,” his weapon of choice, and stands atop a Chinese warship.


4,000 strips of bronze were glued together and placed over the skeleton structure of the statue to achieve its appearance.


Visitors will have the opportunity to climb a staircase inside of the statue where they will learn about Guan Yu, and be offered spectacular views of the city.


What a monumental achievement! It would be amazing to get to see this in person some day.

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