Friends Hunting For WWII Artifacts Make A Truly Deadly Discovery

During World War II, three percent of the world's population perished in the conflict. Those kinds of massive casualties are so large that they can defy comprehension.

Thankfully, those who did survive shared their stories. The memories of the war, both good and bad, live on in writing, human testimonials, and in collections of artifacts from the battles themselves.

Though the memory of the war lives on, there are still unanswered questions and soldiers who never made it home. Amateur archaeologists in places like Russia often visit battlefields and recover amazing clues to help unlock the past, which is exactly what two men did while on a hiking trip in the Russian countryside.

Sixty million people died during World War II. It's a number so large that it can be difficult for most people to comprehend. Even now, decades later, people continue to search for closure and understanding among the artifacts. There are still missing soldiers and so many unanswered questions...
Recently, two friends went exploring in the Russian countryside at the scene of a few major battles of the war. They had only just started digging when they began to unearth shocking items, such as this handgun, which was perfectly intact.
Before too long, they stumbled across explosive devices, like this grenade. (A word to the wise: If you ever find a grenade, do not touch it! Instead, report your findings immediately to authorities. These are dangerous weapons, and they can still be live.)
At first, the two friends weren't sure who had owned these guns and explosives... but then they found this German crest. The text, which was in German, read: Meine ehre ist treue. That translated roughly in English to "My honor is loyalty."