There’s nothing like renovating your home to breathe new life into an aging living space. From simple improvements to completely redoing an entire section, a renovation not only rejuvenates your home — it also increases its value. But some renovations are a little less obvious… at least at first. That was the case with this historic London landmark after one couple purchased it.

From the outside, it looked like they were simply giving it a new coat of polish. But it’s what’s inside that will blow you away.

You can find this old Venetian water tower in London. This is what it looked like before the renovation.


Built by Fowler and Hill in 1877, the tower was originally part of Lambeth Workhouse and Infirmary — now Lambeth Hospital. It was given official landmark status long ago.


The 99-foot tall building was bought by Leigh Osborne and Graham Voce for $570,000.


And this is what the tower looks like today. It’s like night and day!


There’s a patio on the roof of the semi-hidden living space with an incredible full 360-view of London. From here, you can see the Eye of London and Big Ben.


This would be a great place to host a party or just relax. Can you believe it was once a water tower?


If you thought that patio was nice, just look at the interior…


 The windows allow plenty of natural light.


They actually call the living space “The Cube.”


You get a great view of London no matter where you are in the house… but there’s plenty to look at inside, too.


The tower has an elevator if you don’t want to take the stairs, which is the same York-stone staircase that the tower was built with.


The bedrooms don’t offer a complete view of the city, but it’s probably better to have more privacy here. 


That bathtub fits in perfectly with the home’s minimalist design.


The natural, smooth wood here contrasts nicely with the modern look of the rest of the house.


Here’s an additional bathroom with a stand-up shower and multiple shower heads.


The home also has a loft bedroom.


The design may be minimalist, but there’s plenty of usable space.


This bathroom really has its own personality, with alternating color rectangles on the wall.


If you’re concerned about privacy, the glass can be remotely changed from clear to opaque.


This place has gone through quite the transformation in just eight short years.22-water-tower-home

Oh, did we mention that the house is for sale? It can be yours for just $9.3 million.


That might sound a bit costly, but you can’t put a price on this stuff!23-water-tower-home

This has to be the most beautiful renovation I’ve seen yet. It’s like a dream home! Now, if only I could get my hands on a few million bucks…

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