27 Wedding Announcements With The Most Awkward Last Name Pairings Imaginable

For many people, getting married is one of the highlights of their lives. They have met the person they want to spend the rest of their lives with, and they can't wait to shout that news from the rooftops.

Very often they celebrate their union by announcing it in the local newspaper. A photo of the new couple is usually shared along with a brief summary of how they met and when their wedding will take place. Sounds pretty simple, right? How could it ever go wrong?

Sometimes, however, these articles are funnier than they are intended to be. The reason for all of the giggling? While their unions might be perfect, their combined last names are comedic gold...

1. Ah yes, Mr. and Mrs. Golden Showers, what a handsome couple. This is the kind of cringe-worthy hyphenate that will have you and your friends cracking up and leaving your grandparents feeling totally out of the loop.
2. If you meet someone whose last name is "Best" you kind of have to marry them... especially if your last name happens to be something as apropos as "Lay." The best part is that no one can argue with you about it, because it's your actual name!
3. If you're going to enjoy a brewski at all, drinking "Crapp" just seems like a poor choice. Funny thing about this pair? They don't even drink beer. They are wine and fancy-cocktail people. Who knew, huh?
4. Everyone who knows Mr. and Mrs. Filler-Quick is pretty sure that Mrs. Filler-Quick is going to return from the couples' honeymoon pregnant. The reasons for this assumption should be... painfully obvious.