Everyone knows just what a pain it is to have to go to the airport. You wait in endless lines and it can feel like almost nothing you pack is actually allowed on the airplane anymore.

The regulations that govern the items that can and cannot be taken aboard a plane might stop most of us from breaking the rules, but not everyone. The weird stuff that airport security staff have found from passengers trying to sneak onto flights is just astounding.

From snakes to live grenades, what people thought they could sneak past security is almost hard to believe. Prepare to be both impressed and very entertained!

1. A man flying into Atlanta, Georgia, from South Korea was stopped at security and they found that he was carrying a suitcase full of jars and bags of dead venomous snakes. What he intended to do with these dead snakes, he would not say.

2. A diver found an old cannonball at the bottom of an 18th century shipwreck and decided to take it home as a token. He had no idea that airport security would evacuate the airport thinking that the cannonball was still active!

3. This man wanted to do a brisk trade selling iPhones illegally for a profit. He was so eager to do it, in fact, that he did not stop to think of a better way of getting them through customs than this one. Doesn’t he know you can’t even carry your own phone through security?

4. A couple in Amsterdam was stopped en route to Germany on their way home from a vacation to South America when authorities found that they had brought some of the wildlife from their trip back with them… in the form of 200 tarantulas.

5. On a flight from Bangkok, Thailand to Mumbai, India, 24 gold bars totaling $1.2 million were found inside the airplane’s bathroom! In India, gold smuggling runs rampant, so the officials who found this stash weren’t even surprised.

6. In Melbourne, Australia, one airport official noticed something strange about a woman’s oversized pants. The woman was searched and they found that she was trying to transport more than 50 tropical fish!

7. At an airport in Vermont, a woman’s lipstick didn’t look quite right going through the security check points. They examined it further and they found that it looked suspicious for a reason… it was actually a 350,000-volt stun gun!

8. One man decided to board a plane with four grenades in his luggage. Obviously, he didn’t make it onto the plane. The grenades were confiscated and the man was arrested. Clearly his plan blew up right in his face, hyuck hyuck.

9. A woman in Greece kept setting off the metal detector at the airport on her way to get to her gate. Eventually, she broke down and admitted that she was wearing a chastity belt to help her stay faithful to her husband!

10. This just may be the weirdest discovery by airport security: This little boy didn’t have the papers required to help him leave his country, so his family decided instead to put him in a bag and check him. Suffice it to say the X-rays caught him.

The things some people will try to sneak past airport officials is just bananas. This list is just as ridiculous as it funny!

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