This Cat’s Rare Condition Is Really Freaky, But It Also Makes Him Incredibly Special.

Every living thing on Earth, from ladybugs to whales, has something about their appearance that's unique only to them. Atchoum is a Persian cat with a very, very special something. In fact, when you look at him you may not even realize at first what he actually is - and that's okay, because you've probably never seen anything like it before.

Atchoum is the first cat to ever be diagnosed with hypertrichosis, a hormonal condition that causes his hair to grow out uncontrollably. It's also called 'werewolf syndrome', and you're about to see why.

Meet Atchoum. He's the only cat in the world to have Hypertrichosis - aka "werewolf syndrome"
It causes Atchoum's hair to grow nonstop, so he requires constant grooming.
Fortunately, Atchoum's owner is a pet groomer. But she never cuts too much. She prefers to let him be his own special self.
The condition is thankfully mostly harmless.