When it comes to supernatural threats, it doesn’t get much scarier than zombies. Sure, they might not be particularly smart or agile, but their relentless hunger for braaaains is enough to send a shiver down anyone’s spine.

While it’s normal to have a plan in place should natural disasters like hurricanes or earthquakes strike, have you ever considered just what you would do if the zombie apocalypse was nigh?

It might seem like zombies would be inescapable, there are some locations around the globe where you could probably survive the Night of the Living Dead. Read on and find out if you’ve got what it takes to make it in one of these places…

1. Wiltshire’s Secret Underground City: Located in Corsham, England, this 35-acre bunker can house up to 4,000 people comfortably. Well, “comfortably” for a bunker. Built in the 1950s, it has a hospital, a laundromat, a cafeteria, and all sorts of other amenities useful in the event of a zombie attack. It was wired with electricity and water, too, though both of those utilities were decommissioned in 2004, which is less than ideal.

2. Lawson Tower: Located in Scituate, Massachusetts, this impressive water tower stands at 153 feet tall. It was built by tycoon Thomas Lawson, but when his wife saw it she was furious, insisting that it ruined the appearance of their backyard. Lawson didn’t want to tear it down, so instead he hired architects to conceal the structure behind an elaborate medieval castle design.

3. Alcatraz Island: Located a mile and a half off the coast of San Francisco, California, this island is primarily known for the infamous prison that once was in use on its grounds. While convicts might no longer be imprisoned there, its isolated location makes it an ideal escape in the event of a zombie attack.

4. Scotland’s Secret Bunker: If you look at a certain charming Scottish farmhouse on the countryside you would never suspect what’s hiding beneath its surface: the perfect escape from zombies! One hundred feet below the house is a tunnel that leads to a 24,000-square-foot bunker designed to house critical government officials in the event of a nuclear attack.

5. Prison cell of Ludger Sylbaris: Martinique’s St. Pierre has a small population due to its close proximity to Mt. Pelee, one of the most active volcanoes in the world. However, in times of crisis, this prison cell is the place to be. In 1902, when the volcano erupted and wiped out most of town, the local drunk, Ludger Sylbaris, survived because he had been tossed in the cell. If it protected him from lava and deadly gases, surely it can protect you from zombies.

6. Maunsell Army Sea Forts: Found in an estuary of the Thames river in England, these strange structures were built during World War II to help stop air attacks. They were decommissioned in the 1950s, but were never torn down, making them a great place to hide from zombies… unless it turns out that zombies can swim.

7. Hole in the Rock: Located in Moab, Utah, this house might not look like anything spectacular from the outside, but on the inside it is actually a luxury home with more than 14 rooms. With 5,000 square feet to spread out in, you can hide from the zombies with all the friends you want.

8. Towers of Svaneti: At the base of the Caucasus mountains in the nation of Georgia sits a series of towers that have been there for generations. They were originally constructed to keep out invading foreign troops, but now they make a great place to hunker down and hide from the undead!

9. Korowai Tree Houses: The Korowai tribe of Indonesia is best known for their cannibalistic practices. Unfortunately, when you eat human flesh, all of your people’s other accomplishments tend to get overlooked… kind of like the insane and elaborate tree houses the Korowai live in. The elevation and rickety ladders make these ideal places to hide from zombies. Though if the Korowai are still there, you will have another group of flesh-eaters to worry about…

10. Former Federal Reserve Nuclear Bunker: During the Cold War, the Federal Reserve in Culpeper, Virginia, housed a bunker containing shrink-wrapped currency. It now houses film, but the fact remains that the 12-inch-thick concrete walls aren’t just nuke-proof, they’re zombie-proof!

The chances of zombies ever taking over the world as we know it is extremely low, no matter what a certain TV show might want you to think. Still, it’s great to know that, in a pinch, there are still places we can all hide until such an attack blows over.

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