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40 Wild Commuter Moments Caught On Camera

Public transportation is packed with all kinds of crazy characters who make our morning commutes anything but relaxing. But would our journeys to work be the same without them? Well, some riders couldn't help but snap photos of these hilarious, weird, and wild scenes from the world's most bizarre commutes.

1. Centaur platform

The subway's not for everyone. After waiting over an hour for his train to arrive, this centaur gave up and decided to gallop to Brooklyn. Otherwise, he'd be late for his job at the accounting office.

2. Not the person we're looking for

Here's a group of loyal stormtroopers eagerly awaiting their boss. Darth Vader would be proud. Just how far of a flight is it from Earth to the Death Star, anyway?

3. The ultimate showdown

Insert epic music here. But seriously, let's start taking bets: the Dark Lord or the Dark Knight. Who would win in a fight? One has the Death Star behind him, while the other has Superman and Wonder Woman. We're leaning Batty. Plot twist: Vader was Bruce's dad all along.

4. Im-pasta-ble!

Yeah, we would covertly snap a pic of this purse, too. It's not every day that you see a box of pasta repurposed into a bag! We know fashion can be a little wacky, but this purse really takes the cake...or, you know, the noodle.