Like your mother always said, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And there are few dishes better than eggs; you can season them in virtually any way you want, and they’re chock full of protein to power your morning.

While it’s easy enough to crack an egg into a frying pan and get the day underway, things don’t always go as smoothly as the recipe says. In fact, one woman’s breakfast prep turned into a once-in-a-lifetime surprise. And that was all just before breakfast…

Whether you prefer sunny side up or a Denver omelette, your cooking process is going to start with a crack. And aside from occasionally getting a little shell in your scramble, nothing unexpected ever comes from whipping up some eggs… usually.

One at-home cook opened her egg carton to find an egg that was unlike any other. Its shell was ridged and wrinkled rather than smooth; it looked more like a snake’s egg than anything else.


This in itself wasn’t too unusual. Hens can actually lay wrinkled eggs for several reasons, ranging from stress to nutritional issues. But while the outside of that egg was strange, there was something going on inside that really confounded this breakfast-maker.

This egg’s shell was normal, but nothing happened after it cracked. To our home chef’s surprise, the egg, yolk and all, was still trapped in its membrane. It looked more like a strange tropical fruit than anything else. What was going on?

Hellcat624/ Reddit

While the inner membrane is usually attached to the shell, they can separate if the egg is too old or is stored in too cold of an environment. But some other everyday objects can look pretty weird, too. We don’t even have to leave the kitchen…


1. Say you wanted to add one clove of garlic to your eggs. Hopefully you’ve got some breath mints on hand if you’re using this bad boy. Things can get weird when we explore the rest of the house, too.


2. Ever feel like time is dragging on and on during the last hours of the work day? Well the wall is feeling that stress, too. Reality is also taking a strange turn outside, though.


3. Was this boardwalk twisted up by a massive storm? Did someone pull the drain plug out at the bottom of the lake? Either way, it’s probably not a good idea to get any closer and investigate.

Aryeh95/ Imgur

4. Snow can be a pain in the neck when it’s blocking roads and making your commute a nightmare, but how could you hate this little guy? Speaking of ice and snow…


5. Even as a hood ornament, jaguars can look pretty intimidating. A metal cat covered with frozen spikes, though, sounds like the monster at the end of a scifi movie! Good thing this one is only a few inches tall.


6. On the opposite end of the climate spectrum, this mailbox apparently couldn’t handle the heat and just called it quits. We’ve all been there. And speaking of uncomfortable situations…


7. Is this man being tortured? Drained of his life force by an alien race? It’s actually a mold for making Ronald McDonald statues to sit outside of restaurants. Bet you won’t ever picture him the same way again.

8. And on the subject of fast food, we’d pay a pretty penny for a carton of french fries if they all were this long. Hope you’ve got a BIG bottle of ketchup ready.


9. We’re not sure what someone said, but this bush clearly didn’t appreciate their attitude. There are also some less vulgar things in nature that look pretty out of the ordinary…


10. Worms can be gross enough in your garden, but there’s something extra creepy about seeing one stretched out, crawling through what must seem like an inescapable labyrinth.


11. The good news is that you’ll soon have some puppies. The bad news is that the inside of your dog currently looks like something out of a horror movie. It’s kind of a catch-22.

Dale_MUFC/ Twitter

12. While some children love the Teletubbies, others find their silent, doll-like faces unsettling. So how about removing their heads? On second thought, that probably just makes things worse.

13. And on the subject of childhood memories, we’ve cracked the code of the Magic Eight Ball. It turns out the fortune telling secret is just a 20-sided die. But what about the mysterious blue liquid it’s floating in?


14. While there is blue liquid inside the Eight Ball, it’s actually contained inside of a small internal cylinder. That might seem like a bit of a let down, but think of how messy an entire ball full of blue goo would be if it cracked!

15. Traffic rules exist for a reason, but this lowercase sign comes off as more of a suggestion. It’s good for politeness, but probably not the best for maintaining order on the road.


16. It’s normal for dirt to get washed away in the shower, but shampoo bottles should ideally be water-resistant. Or maybe this one’s just from the Matrix. And elsewhere in the bathroom, we’ve got something else strange…


17. Medicine is normally kept uniform for safety reasons, but these pills were apparently made to double as elf shoes. This is not really the type of thing that should be “cute-ified,” you know?


If you thought everyday items looked odd up close, wait until you look down at Earth from a satellite. In the middle of the Nevada desert, there’s a giant target for some reason. If we’re ever under the threat of nuclear attack, that’s definitely one place NOT to stand.

2. This woman, watching over the southeastern corner of Alberta, Canada, is known as the Badlands Guardian. She was officially made by drainage and erosion but, we’re not ruling out an ancient race trying to honor their beloved warrior princess.

3. In ponds outside potash mines, water is dyed bright blue to help it evaporate quickly. Either that, or some secret organization accidentally spilled a whole lot of paint. And speaking of secret organizations…

4. Break out the tin foil hats, because this symbol etched into the ground looks chillingly close to the Illuminati triangle. But you definitely didn’t hear that from us.

5. The Planet of the Apes was just a movie, right? Or is this primate face emerging from beneath the ground in Russia trying to tell us something? It wouldn’t be the first time Earth sent a message…

6. Doesn’t this oil field in Argentina just look like a mess of punctures, stitching, and scars in the ground? Maybe we should be nicer to the planet we call home.

7. As a kid, you probably learned how a meteor wiped out the dinosaurs. This crater gives you a tiny idea of the force that sort of impact can have. But some of finds are a little less intense.

8. In the middle of Sudan, for instance, Google’s satellites caught a glimpse of this formation. Doesn’t it look like the ground wants to give you a big kiss?

9. In Sadr City, Iraq, this lake slowly turned blood red. Was there an algae bloom? Did a demonic entity take up residence under the water? Your guess is as good as ours.

10. The Osmington White Horse has been cut into an English hillside since 1808. It’s supposed to be King George III, who would frequently visit the area, but we’re struggling to see a resemblance. Some other giants figures, however, are a bit more morbid.

11. This Brazilian lake, which was intentionally shaped like a person, isn’t the first place you’d want to take a dip. Its resemblance to a crime scene outline is just a little bit too close for comfort.

12. On the opposite end of the spectrum, many claim this figure in a Hungarian field looks like Jesus in prayer. But the next image floating around on Google is much, much stranger.

13. Street view cameras in Germany captured this naked man sitting in the trunk of a car with his hopefully sleeping dog lying nearby. Honestly, we don’t want to know what he’s doing.

14. Even if this is just a Halloween set up, we’re not too keen on the idea of driving past these guys on the way home from work. Good things Google passed them before it got too late. Speaking of places not to go after dark…

15. This park in the former Soviet Union just casually has a pentagram in the middle of it. Even if it’s just some former roads, why would you build them into that shape?

16. These strange circles actually have a purpose behind their design: they’re actually Scientology symbols, built to help visitors from the future and other places in the universe find the group’s complex.

17. This spot might look like an arsenal preparing for all-out war but, thankfully, the truth is a little more benign. While the facility is an airbase, it’s actually a plane graveyard where vehicles are set aside before being stripped for parts or scrapped.

18. While it’s no longer visible, Google captured this image of a giant emerging from a Scottish park. Making things eerier is the fact that it was designed by Jimmy Boyle while he was serving time in prison for murder.

19. For some reason, Google captured this mountain peak as a massive black pit. But really, has anyone gone up there to check it out and come back to tell the tale?

20. You’ve heard of crop circles, but what about desert circles? Just goes to show you that aliens know no geographic bounds. Just look at the next find in the Nevada desert for example.

21. Is this a representation of the sun? A potential landing pad for a future visit? But no guessing is required for the following strange relic in the Chile.

22. It’s clearly a humanoid figure but, beyond that, what is it supposed to represent? An alien? An ancient Chilean? No matter what it is, it’s definitely one of the spookier things Google Maps has to offer.

23. This is known to most people as Area 6, a secret American air base in the Yucca flat of the Nevada desert that tests counter-terrorism materials… and who knows what else. No matter what, you have to admit it looks incredibly eerie from above.

1-google-earth-imagesYouTube: GeoBeats News

24. A “UFO Investigator” used Google Earth to find what looks like the missing Flight MH370. He claims that it’s a Boeing found somewhere between Mozambique and Madagascar. If this were true, it could bring closure to a still open case.

25. Google Earth has given rise to self-proclaimed “amateur geo-archaeologists” who find images like this one caught in Northern Kazakhstan. This is just one of many massive geoglyphs found in the region that were supposedly built by ancient civilizations.


26. Seventy-two-year-old David Lee Niles was reported as missing in 2006. In 2011, his family, despite never having found his body, held a funeral for their lost loved one. Eventually, Google Earth users found this car trapped in a pond near his home. When they went to search it, David’s skeletal remains were found inside.


27. Gemma Sheridan of the U.K. was thought to have been rescued after having her S.O.S found on Google Earth. As it turns out, her S.O.S image was actually from a 2010 Amnesty International report on violence in Kyrgyzstan.

28. These geoglyphs were discovered in the Azraq oasis in Jordan a few years back using Google Earth. Amazingly, they correspond with the sunrise during the winter solstice. Not to mention, they’re at least 8,500 years old!


29. New Zealand librarian Shaun Higgins was thought to have solved a century-old mystery for cartographers when he discovered Sandy Island, which had been missing from maps of tectonic plates and navigational charts since 1908.

30. These patterns found in the Gobi Desert in China are believed to be part of a secret military base. You have to admit that they’re pretty intriguing. If it’s not actually a military base, then could it potentially be proof of aliens?


31. The U.K. Ministry of Defense tried claiming that this image, found in Norwich, England, is of a motorcycle range. But, for obvious reasons, not everyone is convinced of what they’ve been told. It does look rather mysterious.

32 This figure, known as the “Badlands Guardian,” was actually formed naturally in Alberta, Canada, thanks to erosion. It’s strange how you can clearly make out the figure of a person in the natural terrain. How did it get there?


33. When you first look at this image, you’re going to believe that you’re either looking at a plane or a space shuttle. Google Earth actually captured this cruise missile in action after it was fired during a military training exercise.


34. You can find these crop circles in the town of Standdaarbuiten in the Netherlands by entering the coordinates GPS 51.635493, 4.549711. Nobody knows what it means or how it originated, but it definitely shakes people to their core.


35. The fact that Kentucky Fried Chicken is advertising on Google Earth is a bit terrifying when you think about it for a second. It makes you wonder how much they had to pay to get such a great advertising space. That’s just creepy.


36. Yes, your brain is telling you the truth, that actually is a maze in the form of famous television host Oprah Winfrey’s face! It’s made out of over 70,000 used Coca-Cola bottles in Chile. Why Oprah? Well, why not, really?


37. Stalin himself was behind the construction of the Mirny Mine, and it’s a genuinely terrifying sight to see. It’s an open diamond mine surrounded by restricted airspace. It even sucks in helicopters with its powerful air flow!


38. These ancient ruins may be proof that, contrary to popular belief, there was once civilization in Antarctica. To think that humans could ever have survived on Antarctica in the past is fascinating in and of itself. No other explanation has been offered.

39. The Avebury Crop Circle is rumored by many people in the area to be haunted. While it has been investigated for paranormal activity, no one has ever been able to determine its haunting origins with absolute certainty.


40. Take a close look at this Google Earth photograph. It clearly appears as if a man is standing outside of this “ghost village” in South Gloucestershire. What would he be doing there? It looks like he’s haunting the place while he’s in town!


41. Many have suggested over the years that this image, which happens to be over Hungary, looks like a crop circle-style Jesus. Plenty of people claim to see Jesus in some questionable and mysterious places, but this one is too big to ignore.