Wild Facts About Tales From The Crypt That Prove It's Unlike Any Other Show Out There

From a charlatan TV presenter’s ghost house tour turned all too real to Mr Chumley literally feeding the whole town, the spine-chilling Tales from the Crypt haunts your mind long after the credits roll. Spanning seven spooky seasons and studded with stars, there’s more to this shocking show than meets the eye. Here are 30 frightening facts to turn your blood cold this Halloween.

1. It took six people to bring the Crypt Keeper to lfe

Tales from the Crypt used very few CGI effects, and the titular Keeper himself is no exception. He was actually a puppet, but a very sophisticated one for the time. It took a team of four people to operate his facial features and another two more operated his body. The final disjointed result went on screen, which brought the Keeper to unsightly un-life.

2. The Crypt Keeper has Chucky's eyes

Jeepers creepers, where’d you get those peepers? The Crypt Keeper can answer that question, because he literally possesses the eyes of killer doll Chucky from the film Child’s Play. Special effects guru Kevin Yagher designed both characters and cannibalized his past project, plucking Chucky’s baby blues to add to the Keeper, his latest creation. Oh, the things those orbs have seen…

3. The intro sequence was miniature

Every episode of Tales from the Crypt began with a journey through the Keeper’s horrifying home, a moldy mansion where he recounts his scary stories. You’d think knowing it was really a model comparable to a miniature golf course all filmed with tiny cameras would make it less chilling, but no. No, it doesn’t. The final fall into the crypt is also one of the few uses of computer-generated graphics on the show. 

4. Blood-drinking tricks

In the Season Three episode The Reluctant Vampire Malcolm McDowell plays the titular bloodsucker who satisfies his thirst not with young women in negligees but via his position as a blood bank guard. Thankfully, the realistic-looking blood he chugs isn’t actual plasma but V8 vegetable juice, which means he actually has more in common with Count Duckula than Count Dracula. To begin with, at least…