The Wildest World Records From Every State

As well as having their own distinctive identity, each and every one of the 50 United States of America also has a unique claim to fame that most people might not be aware of. And that even includes the people who live there! From long-living llamas to the largest pillow fights, here’s a look at the wildest Guinness World Records from each state.

Alabama: First meteorite injury

Here’s a painful Guinness World Record that no American state would want to hold. In 1954 a woman named Ann Hodges was no doubt minding her own business at her home in the Alabama city of Sylacauga. Unfortunately for the poor unsuspecting member of the public, this just happened to be the final destination of the most unlikely thing.

A piece of chondrite that had been hurtling through the universe was headed right for Ann. Weighing 12 pounds, it crashed into the roof of her property, making her the first ever human to suffer an injury from a meteorite.

Alaska: Biggest cabbage

You’ve probably heard of the beloved children’s story The Enormous Turnip. But the state of Alaska is perhaps more familiar with the tale of the enormous cabbage. In fact, it boasts the world’s biggest!

The remarkable vegetable, which weighs in at a colossal 138.25 pounds, was first presented by local Scott A. Robb at the Alaska State Fair. That’s pretty much enough cabbage to feed the 5,000.

Arizona: Most people simultaneously turning shirts inside out

This might sound like one of the most pointless Guinness World Records in existence. But apparently there was some method to its madness. In 2015 the state of Arizona witnessed a record-breaking 614 people turning all their shirts out at the same time.

The stunt took place at Phoenix’s Chase Field. It was organized by Intel Corporation in an attempt to prove that “good workers on the inside are good workers on the outside.”

Arkansas: Most cake layers

It’s fair to say that Jayn Parenti would completely smash Cake Week if she ever decided to enter The Great British Baking Competition. The Arkansas native somehow found enough time — and enough ingredients — to make a sponge cake with an incredible 230 layers.

She presented her remarkable culinary achievement at the Springdale Country Club. We can imagine that its members are still very much trying to get through it several years later.