Prince George’s Godmother Shared How William Honors Diana With This Unique Parenting Tradition

When Princess Diana tragically lost her life in a car accident, her son, Prince William was a 15-year-old boy. But decades on, the British royal is apparently still finding new ways to honor her legacy. Yes, according to the godmother of his son Prince George, the future king has kept Diana’s spirit alive by indulging in one of her unique parenting traditions.

Julia Samuel isn’t just Prince George’s godmother, though, she’s also a licensed psychotherapist and author, and a specialist in grief counseling. She began her career volunteering for Westminster Bereavement Service in London, helping people face terrible losses. And she eventually went on to launch the charity Child Bereavement U.K., with fellow counselor Jenni Thomas – and the backing of Princess Diana.

You see, Samuel used to be close friends with the Princess of Wales. The psychotherapist was born into the Guinness family – owners of the world’s biggest brewery – and her sister was once romantically involved with Prince Charles, who would later marry Diana. That aristocratic background saw the pair move in similar circles, and they eventually met at a dinner party in 1987.

The two women hit it off straight away. Speaking to British newspaper The Times in 2018, Samuel recalled, “There was something about [Diana] and something about me that just worked.” They quickly became close friends, and the princess even began collecting her bestie’s children from school. Yes, the pair may have both hailed from aristocracy, but they bonded over ordinary, everyday activities.

Samuel said as much to Scottish newspaper The Sunday Post in 2017. Indeed, she recalled, “[Diana] was a princess in the way she treated people. But she was also incredibly special in the way she had fun, or emptied my dishwasher, or cooked lunch.” What’s more, both women shared a passion for helping others, with Diana widely regarded as the “people’s princess.”