This Woman Was Addicted To Plastic Surgery. Now She Reveals Her Startling New Look

It isn’t rare for a person to feel like their looks aren’t good enough or to want to slow down the aging process. Indeed, we’re often bombarded with advertisements promising us a better, more attractive and younger-looking face and physique. However, if left unchecked, low self-confidence may lead to a constant desire for plastic surgery to “improve” the body. And some people pursue these procedures even at the cost of their own well-being. That’s what happened to Jenny Lee – and it took her a long time to overcome her addiction.

When Austin, Texas-based Lee was a teenager, she knew that she was good-looking. And while high school can be a difficult experience for many young girls, it was largely fine for her. Indeed, people told her that she looked like the actress Julia Roberts and that she should take up modeling. She was even voted the “Most Beautiful Girl” by her classmates at one point. Nonetheless, she couldn’t quite see the same things that her peers all saw.

In fact, Lee had a severe lack of confidence in her body, which only became worse after she left school and got married. Her husband – now, unsurprisingly, her ex-husband – made belittling jokes about her appearance, especially her breasts. She consequently had breast implants, but then he became jealous that other men were checking her out. And while the relationship eventually fell apart and Lee would gain custody of her daughter, Kaleigh, in the divorce, she would remain scarred by the treatment she received from her former spouse.

Plus, Lee’s newfound addiction to cosmetic surgery proved impossible to kick. “After the divorce, plastic surgery became an obsession for me,” Lee told Oprah Winfrey when she first appeared on her show in 2004. “Today I look nothing like I did when I was first married to my ex-husband.” Indeed, by the time she was 28, she’d already gone under the knife 26 times.

And Lee had had nips and tucks everywhere, spending $80,000 in the process. The procedures included Botox, two breast augmentations, liposuction treatment on her stomach, arms, thighs, hips and knees, three lip implants and a brow lift. Lee was addicted and she knew it, but she also knew where the urge to better herself had come from: her ex. “I just moved from a bad relationship with him to a bad relationship between me and my reflection,” she told Oprah.