Woman Born With An Unusual Birthmark Discovers She Is Her Own Twin

From the moment she was born, Taylor Muhl stood out from other people. That’s because she has a very unique birthmark, which runs right down the middle of her body. The effect is that one half of her torso looks a different color to the other. It’s a cool, unusual quirk, but she was absolutely shocked when she learned the real reason for it.

A straight line

The birthmark itself has a reddish hue, which really stands out against the paler color of the rest of her skin. But it’s not just the shade of this feature that’s surprising, as it also runs in a really straight line. You’d expect a birthmark to have quite an irregular shape, but this one is really precise.

A larger left side

On top of that, Taylor also has some other features that are quite unusual. Writing on her own blog, she explained, “Everything on the left side of my body is slightly larger than the right side. I have a double tooth in the left side of my mouth and many sensitivities and allergies to foods, medications, supplements, jewelry, and insect bites.”

Two sets of DNA

The unusual features don’t end there. Taylor once went to see a doctor, who was an expert in conditions deemed to be especially rare. This doctor revealed something incredible about Taylor: she apparently possessed two different sets of DNA. “Not only that,” she explained on her blog, “I’ve been told I have two immune systems and two bloodstreams.”

Her own twin

That must have been quite a shock for Taylor to hear. And it must have been downright confusing — how can a person have enough DNA, immune systems, and bloodstreams for two people? Well, the truth is genuinely strange. From a certain perspective, Taylor can be considered to be her own twin.