Some home improvement projects are more work than others, but it’s usually the bigger ones that are the most rewarding. Case in point: This family needed wood for a serious project. But they didn’t go to the lumber yard. Instead, they used wood pallets and got to work on one of the biggest and bestest DIY projects ever.

The pallets had originally been used for shipping coconut oil, but were ultimately discarded.


The whole family got to work removing the nails.



They removed almost 9,000 nails in total!


Then, the wood had to be sanded down and refinished.


Their young son wasn’t the only one who pitched in to help with this big-time project. Here’s a family friend doing his part.


Then the assembly began. Can you guess what they’re building?


That’s right. A hardwood floor. From discarded pallets (!)


Looks like somebody had his own DIY project to put together…


All the pieces were put in place and the room was really starting to come together.


The cat seems to like it.


Holy smokes. That looks fantastic!


Source: Reddit

That’s some project, but just look at the results. I need to go build something. I feel inspired. Great job, family.

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